The DachauTransports

In this time, the people of this laid back, artistically thriving community had been in a rhythm of hustle and bustle and great business opportunities. This city was a huge part of Jewish culture and the events that took place during this time were so detrimental to the culture itself, they have been rebuilding it from the end of the war in 1945 to this day. A huge blow to the culture was the transportation of Jewish men to the Dachas concentration camp, among other camps as well.

The leaded to his attack on the Jewish community was the coming into power of Doll Hitler. His power shift was swift and unfortunately not painless. During the 1 sass and sass, although Austria had become an expressive culture in the arts, their economy was in great turmoil. This was due to the fact that Austria had been cut off from resources, reducing their sales, profit, and well being. Austria was falling apart and seeded refuge under the wing of Germany. With their help, they could become a thriving city once again.

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It was 1933 and Doll Hitler had mom into power as the German Chancellor. This would be the beginning of the Nazi party take over. The Austrian chancellor at this time was Karl Schussing and he was forced to give up Austria to Germany in fear of mass bloodshed and extended periods of turmoil. Days after Schussing gave his final speech to his people, Hitler began to bring the hammer down on the Jewish community. March 12, 1938 was the beginning of the Nucleus Pogrom. From the wetware came the underground Nazi community within Austria to join up with the strong German Nazi forces.

This Pogrom would trigger a massive upcoming of Nazi supporters to come down on the Jewish community of Vienna, a city once thought to be a Jewish safe haven from the hatred and bigotry that was the Nazi party. It would promote hatred and defilement of the Jewish people. To the Nazis and Nazi supporters, Jewish people were not people anymore. They were tools. They were just animals to the Nazis and they treated them as such. The Nazis would force them to scrub the streets with toothbrushes to remove and past political advertisements that had been painted on the round.

They had these removed because the ads were promoting Austrian independence. Days later on March 18, Nazis marched to Jewish community centers and other Jewish establishments. They would quickly seize the buildings by raiding them and, shortly after, closing them down. Later in May on the 24th there was the Chancelleries. This was an order given by the Gestapo to the Nazi generals, some of which were in Austria. This order was to go door to door of each suspected Jewish family and take the man of the family under arrest. They would usually be dressed in aroma clothes when speaking to these Jewish men.

They would tell them that they had to come down to the police station and answer some questions. These men were eventually put in a holding jail called Greengages Prison where they were held until being loaded on to trains and brought to Dachas concentration camp. The men that were arrested were brought to the camp for forced labor and subsequently mass killings along with torturous behavior inflicted upon them. Once again the Nazi party had come down on the Jewish community and they did this by taking the men, usually the sole reviver for their family and putting them in this camp, among other camps like Busch annual and Chanteuses.

These arrests would take a huge toll on Vienna. Companies would lose business or be shut down. Family providers were gone. Families were forced to live in squalor or figure 2 out a way to escape. You would either have to escape or, early on in the takeover, surrender all of your assets to the Germans. This was a possible way to avoid being imprisoned or starved to death or just mentally and physically barraged in general.