The Development

Beaten Sobriety believes in the “population apocalypse equation” the idea that all the worlds problems are due to the rapidly rising population and hat the worlds population should be cut down to 4 billion so that humanity can thrive prosperously. A population graph summarizing the exponential population growth throughout the last few hundred years. Sienna Brooks is a character with a huge depth of emotion. She has felt hardship, loss as well as loneliness and isolation. She often feels misunderstood and isolated. She herself says ” know what it’s like to feel all alone… He worst kind of loneliness in the world is isolation that comes from being misunderstood, it can make people lose their grasp on reality. ” The reader first comes across Sienna brooks as a young intern working in a Florentine hospital. She is described as intelligent but also being attributed to having ‘Witnessed a profundity of experience rarely encountered by a person her age. ” After escaping a would be assassin Sienna and Robert run back to Sienna’s flat. Whilst looking through some old newspapers belonging to her Robert learns that she was a child genius with an IQ of 208.

A theatre star and master of languages but there is also a hint the of loneliness being transpired through them a sense of being unique and not in a good way. He reads about her at the age of 8 running away from home, staying in a hotel and reading “all 1 ,600 pages of Grey Anatomy’ to try and discover what was wrong with her abnormal brain. In this one chapter you discover that Sienna is a character with a lot more depth than is originally transpired. Whilst London is reading the newspaper clippings in the main room.

Sienna is inside the bathroom and suddenly breaks down, removing her hair, which can be taken as a sign of chemotherapy through cancer which again hints towards the fact that she isn’t wholly healthy. “She cried for the life she could not control. Since she was a child Sienna tried to understand what was wrong with her, this made her feel like an outsider and destroyed her self confidence for the rest of her life. “she cried for the mentor who had died before her eyes. ” The reader first imagines this is Professor Marion who is gunned down in front of he by Mart Kraal but is later found out to be Bertrand Sobriety. She cried for the profound loneliness that filled her heart” Which again highlights the idea of her being alienated because of her vast intelligence. Sienna decides to start a charitable life after realizing her depression is caused by her believing she is alone and doesn’t belong in this world. She travels to Manila in the Philippines and tries to help people. She discovers swells of people. A completely choking atmosphere with people every. Veer. All desperate and needing, ‘When they (humans) face desperation… Human beings become animals. This starts the ball rolling for her eventual turn into believing in transmission and the idea that the human population is too high and must be culled. Whilst walking alone in Manila she is kidnapped by some men who are about to copulate her when a deaf old woman saves her. This experience horrifies her and convinces her of the evils and lengths at which people behave when confronted with desperation. It also reminds her that even in a hellhole like Manila there is still a spark of goodness in humans. This is a pivotal moment in her life and affects her for the rest of the duration Of the book. On their way to Venice.

Ferris, their guide receives a call which reveals that one of their company; Ferris, London and Sienna, is Bertrand Sobriety’s (the antagonist in the novel) lover. Dan Brown makes the reader assume that Ferris was Bertrand lover whereas it was actually Sienna. While gazing out the window she reminisces about Bertrand and when she first met him at a transmission conference. Bertrand Sobriety was a prominent geneticist and a supporter of transmission. She is in awe of him and acts similarly to a fan meeting her favorite singer which seems very out of character from the factual, intelligent Sienna of previous chapters . I have read everything this man has ever written” creating the idea of her obsession with his work. Lb As the conference moves to the bar Sienna realizes her great Atari Sobriety “the deep pull Of sexual attraction” of which she has never fore or with someone. This combined with her original interest commitment results in an emotional bond which brings her comfit companionship of which she has never experienced before in her an outsider and being classed as a freak due to her intelligence. L follow this man anywhere,” she becomes totally obsessed and ha: in love with him. She has fallen in love but as well as that “l became than his lover, I became his disciple. ” Sienna starts to believe in hi: cause, and more importantly of the “population apocalypse equate which she also thoroughly believes in especially after her harrower experience in Manila with the choking atmosphere where hundred thousands of people living together in a small area, a stark ermine what would happen if the worlds population grew to the expected billion by 2050.

After focusing on three defining moments in Sienna Brook’s life I! Brown’s inferno we have seen how emotions and a humans need companionship and understanding can make them do things the) thought they could do. Sienna Brooks Was a child who Was blesses an abnormally intelligence yet this turned out to be a curse. Witness horrifying scenes as she tried to find herself in charity,and almost objected to the most brutal actions possible. To at lass finding love going to extraordinary lengths to ensure it remains.

Onion to see h perish in front of her own eyes. Sienna’s journey throughout the acts as a parallel to life as a whole. Dan Brown uses her as a vessel which to convey all the ideas of transmission as well as the frat seeming hopelessness of life. Of course there’s also the side of leg where she portrays our perseverance and ingenuity. Sienna Brood portrays a range of emotions across the spectrum and embodies everything that is humanity.