The Effect Of Using Electronic Banking

Through reducing bank costs, electronic banking can increase bank incomes. In this research the role of electronic banking (I. E. Automated teller machines, bank card, internet bank, telephone bank, point of sale) in increasing bank incomes is studied. The statistical society of this research is the private banks staff of Sardinian province. Based on Cochran formula, the research sample size was estimated 147. The research data was gathered through financial statements, a questionnaire contains 42 questions, and interview. The gathered data was analyzed through descriptive statistics (I. E. Isograms and frequency striation tables) and inferential statistics (I. E. NOVA test, T test, multiple regressions, Coffee’s test, T Thong). The research findings shows there is a positive and strong relationship between electronic banking and its five components (I. E. Automated teller machines, bank card, internet bank, telephone bank, point of sale) with bank incomes. According to the research findings, the correlation between independent variables (five components of electronic banking) and dependent variable (bank charges) is 0/81 7 and 0/63 of the dependent variable changes are explained by independent variables.

Finally, the research findings shows automated teller machine (ATM) has the maximum influence on bank incomes (Beta=D. 407) and telephone bank has the minimum influence on bank incomes (Beta-0. 103). Key words: Electronic banking, Bank incomes, Automated teller machines, Bank card, Internet bank, Telephone bank, Point Of sale, Sardinian province COPY RIGHT 0 201 3 Institute of Interdisciplinary’ Business Research 1299 1. Introduction Nowadays, the availability of internet network makes a revolution in communication all around the world so it can be dared to say the glob has never seen such speed in using scientific phenomena.

Peoples access to internet, and burgeoning in Electronic communication among people and different organization with the help of virtual devices makes a very appropriate path of exchanging economic and business that in its place causes the widespread use of Electroluminescent. In the developed countries of the glob the communication between buyer and seller, purchase ordering, assurance, and money exchange etc. Are conducted electronically. By what has been talked about, preparing the necessities of Electronic- banking is the most prominent part of phenomenon.

It is obvious that the number credit economic institution and the number of E-banking are increasing constantly. One of the most important requirements of increasing Banking is the access to Electronic business that along with global credit and currency system makes E- business easy. So, it is the role of thumb that for having E-business, one should first achieve E-banking that makes banking services more secure and needless to clients’ presence in bank. In recent years, due to increasing business exchanges around the world E-banking is known as indispensable part of E-business in exchanging credit resources.

In fact, E-banking is the cake of information technology. E-banking involves systems that enable clients and credit institutions to use banking services in three levels of announcement, communication, and transaction. Today, based on needs and facilities the E-banking is accessible through internet bank, phone bank, fax bank, automated teller machine (AT M), pin pad, and electronic bank branches. In the developed banks, the different channels and systems of banking are managed to gather so information and communication management improve and cause to decrease in bank costs and increase in bank income and also makes clients satisfy. . Problem statement: The most important goals of for-profit entities managers is to maximize shareholders’ wealth and company profit. Increasing number of private banks and prevarication of governmental banks was due to consideration of increasing private banks income and increasing share profit. Besides, giving different services made the banks famous, and caused attract more clients and more profit. However, all of those achievements could be attained by using new technology.

COPY RIGHT 0 201 3 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research 1300 From among new technologies which were very popular at present, some had en mentioned: Information and Communication technology which were helpful in: D Giving different services Satisfying clients Quality improvement of services Facilitating official issues Better human resource management Information and communication technology contributed to different E-services: giving faster services, decrease in services costs and also management costs, decrease in number of clients’ reference to banks.

E-banks and E-services were changed tremendously by them as well as. 3. Research hypothesis: Because the requirements of E-payment are ATM devices, bank cards, pin ad, point of sale, and bank branches, we take ATM devices, bank cards, pin pad, point of sale, and bank branches as independent variable, and the final profit as dependent variable. Main hypothesis There is relationship between E-banking and increase in bank income. Minor hypothesis: There is relationship between bank cards and increase in bank income. There is relationship between POS and increase in bank income.

There is relationship between internet bank and increase in bank income. There is relationship between phone bank and increase in bank income. There is relationship between ATM and increase in bank income. 4. Method of research: The method of research was descriptive, quantitative, and experimental. To gather necessary information for the study, we used library method- using books, articles and proposals-, field study- using survey, interviewing with experts of field- to do comparison and contrast. We also interviewed with experts.

It is necessary to be said that the interviews were very restricted and 1301 just conducted to define the plan able criteria for the hypothesis. We used T_Student and Freeman criteria in statistic parts. Mean, median, and mode were used to evaluate the survey study. In this work, the private banks income, statistic and profit about bank cards were based on central bank statistics. In this paper the questionnaire was based on five criteria of ATM, bank card, POS, internet bank, phone bank , and bank income issued by central bank and of Cockroach’s alpha about 86%. . Review of literature: Product variability and the request for more different products posed the production of two economic goods with relatively stable value that would acceptable for people. Those two are Gold and Silver. After the discovery of valuable metals and their distinguishable features over other metals like iron and copper, gold and silver were used as currency. By passing time, the government around the world started to coined gold and silver to make their exchanges better.

To do so, they coined coin from gold bullion and then marked them with their symbols and used them in their geographical lands. (Mislaid, All, et. AY 2008) E- Banking E- Banking is defined as using electronic devices like internet, wireless connection networks, ATM, phone and cell phone in banking services. These services were parts of providing currency for and economic system for the country (Layoff& Lie, 2005). Now it is common to define E– Banking as phone and cell phone bank, internet bank and also ATM.

For example cell phone banking can be defined as giving banking services through cell phone. E- Banking gives the clients the rights and facility of doing banking affairs through internet and under the permission of a specific bank. At first, E- Banking was just to attract clients to a specific bank. With the use of internet in banking industry, banks were starting to wide their range of using it, and today, check exchange, accounting, currency exchange, clients’ reports, and account criteria are conducted immediately through this system.

It is beneficial to both clients and banks, and it is because from the perspective of linens the costs of banking decreased- such as wasting time, long line- and from the perspective of banks the costs of ban king services with the help of Banking decrease- for there is no need to extra paper, extra employee and investments COPY RIGHT C 2013 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research 1302 VOLVO 4, NO 12 opportunity with other section and other banks. In fact, banking services aren’t just the traditional ones but they are looked as international now.

Nowadays, banks are entering a very hard competition with each other in affairs like investment and they have the roles of providing currency, and economic well-fare. In one sentence, banks have a very prominent role in economic activities, and without them the economic part of the society will be damaged. Banking is one of manifestation of information and communication revolution. The E- Banking makes a change in paradigm and pattern of banking and makes banking services faster, and also decreases wasting issues in the best way.

E- Banking has many levels and for each of them there should be definition. What we can see in all levels is the presence of computer systems and digital process of information that given to the computers. The more we are going to the higher levels of E- Banking, the less manual works will be, the more computer systematize, the more networks available, the less time restriction, and ultimately the more secure ban king system will be. Services are done by internet network that is popular for its security.

On the other hand, E- Banking is the use of communication in exchanging currency in banking system (Goddard & isobaric 1999). In other definition Banking is a service producer with low costs by the help of electronic channels. These productions and services can be: account bill, loan, deposit management, E-payment, E-money. E- Banking is using internet and or intranet that are accessible for the people. Definitions such as digital money, E- check, E- money, E- signature are new phenomena that their origin returns to E- Banking(bid bad & Larry’ 2003).

Accounting, exchanging, receiving bill, and paying bill are given to the clients a list with time order. E- Banking has a lot of benefits like increasing clients, and decreasing bank costs. Moreover, by using E- Banking it is easy to the bank to do their services faster and with more security. They can also increase their shareholders. The Services of Iranian Private Banks: Electronic Currency Exchange: The system of exchanging currency is a combination of activities that are considered with the institutions or exchanging rooms among the banks.

If the banking services be based on paper, it is called -?payment and transferring] and on the other hand if it is be on the base of communication technology experts call it -?E-currency transferring. 1303 Automated teller machine (ATM): An ATM is able to do lots of banking activities and to eliminate human interferes. According to statistic by installing ATM devices since 998-2004 all round the world they have an improvement rate of 45%, so it can be said that the big investment was in ATM installing for currency distribution around the globe.

The installation rate of ATM devices in developed countries shows that for each 742 person there should be one ATM device. Now with the consideration of our population, Iran needs to have 95007 ATM to be along with developed countries. On one hand the number of ATM in Iran are 1 1 065 that say 88. 3% shortage in this case. To sum up, the Atoms are electronic processes or point that are installed by banks in specific places and are available round the clock.

With the help of Atoms clients are able to do: Accounts cash inning _ Accounts bill Cashing the check and currency In addition to the above options, with the Atoms it is possible to pay the bills. An ATM is able to works as a branch of bank. With them lots of banking services are done without human interfere. Besides, the ATM can work round the clock. They decrease the bank’s costs. Point of sale (POS): A POS is a device that installed in sale centers to remove the need to transfer the physical money and to deduct money from buyer account and to add it to seller account.

This activity is done by a POS connected to central computer in the bank. It is provided by the bank for the seller and has modem and printer. Sale center and department stores are where POS is used. POS functions: Exchanging currency from buyer account to seller account, that is very secure _ printing the account on paper _ Bill paying availability Phone Banking: The conduction of a little business between bank and clients through phone is called phone banking. 1304 Phone banking aspects: Giving account flow and remaining Bill payment availability Currency transferring to other account

Internet banking system: (SIBS) At this moment of time, household banking is done through internet and with the help of debit card. The following is a list of economic services: E- check, bill payment, and other services conducted through this way. The combination of home computers and intelligence cards has the availability of sending information to them. The banks may have website to let their clients check their account remaining, account flow, loan applying, and ordering their exchanging through internet.

The availability of transferring currency to private account or other accounts hat are member of SHE TAB The availability of seeing bills in accordance with account _ The availability bill ordering in chronological order _ The awareness of all remaining of accounts The ability to announce the check founds to the bank through the system The availability of seeing last 30 transactions Cell phone banking: The clients are able to use bank services through installing bank software on their Cell phone.

Current Cell phone banking availability: Enabling to know about account remaining, flow, exchanging of founds among accounts with one ID member, bill payment, buying prepaid Cell hone charge, and seeing pre-paid Cell phone charge remaining information. Card service: Card service is another activity of the banks to makes the clients more comfortable. It is the use of magnetic cards instead of money. These cards are issued through a very secure procedure to COPY RIGHT @ 201 3 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research 1305 let clients use them.

The owner of this card is able to use it round the clock and in off days in POS, and with Pin Pad to exchange his/her founds and currency. Gross balanced speedy system: (SATAN) SATAN is the ultimate service balancing. It lets the clients do ordering during he day. It is a good substitution for using E_ check, and traditional paper based banking. It is very secure. SATAN can be used instead of Iran check and money exchange from one bank to the other. SATAN features: Orders which are taken by clients are sent to destination accounts by the end of each day of work.

There is no time limitation or geographical restriction for SATAN orders and they can easily be exchanged through capital and other provinces. Clients should go to the bank in which they have account to issue their orders. SATAN is for free now. There is no limitation in orders amount. Electronic SAAB order system: SAAB lets clients send money by use of their cards to any other SAAB accounts which is among the member cards. It is possible to go bank branches or use internet to do SAAB banking activities. In bank branches the Pin Pad is used.

SAAB Features: SAAB orders are available just by cards. The ultimate amount of its orders is 30 million Rills per day. Its ultimate amount of its orders in inside the banks is 150 million Rills. The charge is obtained from the senders. 6. Research history: Inside Iran done studies: There aren’t many researches on E _ banking in this country; we are trying to indicate the most prominent of them. With the use of improved square technique, Had Callaghan 1998 estimated the function of three big trade banks of the county.