The foundation to pursue our interest in understanding

The boom in artificial intelligence enthusiasts to know more about intelligent machines and understand that the intelligence is more than just automation. These concepts and questions are leading us to know more about intelligence in devices, a sign of progression from mechanical to automated task execution. Coming across innovations such as autonomous driving cars, search-and-rescue robots, social robots for elderly, chat-bots for customer services and a handful others laid a strong foundation to pursue our interest in understanding data because data has been a constant component in these innovation and technology throughout the years. Various topics under Artificial Intelligence like Natural language processing, Machine learning, Information visualisation, Data Analysis, Application Programming interface are our area of interest and would like to explore more about these units. We would also like to explore more on, human expertise vs technology and is eager to research on computation machine which is performing better when compared to humans. Scientific methods which are used to extract data and analyse them can give us more insight to understand the communication without any biases as opposed to human judgement. AI is perceived as a good predictor of events to come based on its learning from previously fed data.

Chatbots are taking over basic customer services across various sectors especially in banking and insurance. The time to wait for a customer executive to answer our call might finally be over as many industries are trying to bring in the chatbot services.  This tool will help direct interaction between the customer and the company, to address customer- queries on a real-time basis. This will help the companies to automate the query management process without the need for human intervention. The most important aspect is that it can provide 24/7 customer service. In general, Chatbots have revolutionized the customer service space: instantaneous, personalized customer response that not only meets customer expectations but also saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process of building a chatbot can be divided into two main tasks: understanding the user’s intent and producing the correct answer. The first task involves understanding the user input. To properly understand a user input in a free text form, a Natural Language Processing Engine can be used. The second task may involve different approaches depending on the type of the response that the chatbot will generate. Since it is one of the latest development in AI, it would be interesting to research and develop more on this project.