The globe. By viewing the news network and

students can be a Tutorial Designer. They record themselves while solving a
problem in different aspects, it can be in Mathematics, Philosophy, Science
particularly in Physics and Chemistry. It is very convenient to the watchers
because they only watch and learn. When completed, they uploaded the video and became
part on the online knowledge files.

            Also, SHS students can be a
Researcher. Students can research and survey in connection with the recent
incidents it can be positive or negative. By filling the gaps of learning in a
particular topic, the students can add their research as learning or the
research they conduct can strengthen or support other research.

            SHS students can also contributors
in social consciousness. They can make a website with one goal, that is to
educate the people on the recent incidents that is happening around the globe.
By viewing the news network and scanning the news pages they collect it and
make a simple yet convenient website that allows people to know on the recent
incidents happening around the globe.

            SHS students can help to manage
business. They only need to adopt in the situation wherein the business
progress. SHS student is already capable in managing difficult situation that
will happen around the business course. They can act accordingly without
cutting corners and rarely make mistakes.

            SHS can create technologies and
became innovators. Nowadays students with knowledge about electronics and their
creativity can produce unique and helpful technologies. Companies can buy the
student’s creation and multiply it so that the global community can benefit. Students,
company and society can benefit the technology in different aspects.





            SHS students are now capable in
creating blogs concerning the stability of the environment nowadays. Because of
the blogs they created, people will be informed about the status of our
environment if it is still normal, critical or progressing. It will motivate
the society to take actions that will preserve our nature or environment.

            SHS students can create a video
program that will inform the citizens on how to preserve our Mother Nature.
Their videos will give ideas to the citizens on how to take actions in
preserving the nature. This will give those who already protect the Mother
Nature a hand to increase the number of citizens that will preserve and protect
the Mother Nature.

            SHS students that specialized
literature can create books that can shape reader’s perception. It can reach
world class and will be develop into movie, and with that, many people will be
interested in this kind of talent. The Books can contain real life scenario,
point of views and advertising the culture of society.

            SHS students that specializes
Computer Programming can create games with values and information. It helps
citizens who play, be informed and educate about reality in our society.  To lessen cyber bullying, online bashing and
judging people easily. It can be an eye opener to the reality of our society

            Never belittled the SHS students,
because these students can create small or extreme efforts that lead to bigger
difference. These students have already contributed in local, regional,
national and even global progress, and in far future this students will be
successful and will dominate the development of our Society Globally.  Surpassing the former leaders of  society 
and will  create another  set of system that  will help Globalization in terms of
Employment, Development, Social Consciousness.