The Hero Mold

The shower of golden coins is an example of mysterious con option. He accidentally killed his grandfather and felt guilty, this represents his metaphorical trip to t he underworld. His supernatural help is shown when Zeus directed him and his mother to an Islam ND after Aquarius threw them in the ocean inside a chest. An example of his hubris is when he boasts d to Polypeptides that he could fetch the head of the Gorgon. Polypeptides then told him to do it. Peppers ‘ quest was to go and fetch this head and he succeeded in it. He was reborn as a constellation after Athena placed him and his wife Andromeda among the stars.

When Hercules was born, the goddess of childbirth was sent by Hear to prolog Eng his birth. A clever old woman named Galatians noticed Lethality, the goddess of childbirth h, and distracted her long enough for Hercules’ mother Elegance to give birth, this is an example of super urinal birth. Hercules underwent many quests and tests. Hear decided to drive Hercules insane and he then killed his own wife and children: this was his darkest hour. He also did literally go down to the e underworld on one of his endeavors. When he died a painful death Zeus took pity and brought him t Mount Olympus to live with the gods.

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Hercules possessed lots Of hubris, he believed he could do ant hinge. He opened the sacred jar of centaur wine believing he would come to no harm, and he did c omen to no harm, but he did kill a lot of centaurs and indirectly killed his host Phallus. Thesis’s conception was part of a prophecy. An oracle had told his father so meeting he could not understand about not opening a jar of wine before he went back to Athena s. It turns out the prophecy meant that he shouldn’t have sex before he came back to Athens. He did ACTA ally have sex and get a girl pregnant.

At first Theses was raised to believe he was a son of Poseidon. HTH s was his mysterious birth and upbringing. When Minis told him to fetch a ring that he had thrown into the ocean in order to prove he was a real son of Poseidon, Theses received help from water nymph has and got the ring as well as a crown. This represents his supernatural help. His quest was to defeat the Minotaur and he did succeed in this. He journeyed to the underworld to help his friend kidnap Per sponge. Out of Hercules, Peppers, and Theses, Theses probably had the most hubris.

Some example s are when he volunteered o slay the minotaur, and when he journeyed to the underworld and told Had SE he would kidnap his wife. Theses also came back as a ghost. Much like blues music has a certain formula, Greek epics do as well. Most her goes have similar qualities and fit the hero mold. In this paper it has been shown that these thro e heroes all possessed hubris, had a mysterious birth, completed quests and tests, journeyed to hell whether literally or figuratively, had some sort of rebirth, and received supernatural help. They h eve unique qualities as characters but also fit the Epic Hero mold.