The Human Devolution

I would like to prove today that this is the only truth in our world, that these violent swings are caused by conflict, ND that a country is weakest just before the swing just before its collapse. Warrant – What Breaks Empires To prove this, I will refer to another analogy. Imagine society now, not as a pendulum, but a sword. Now, a good blade is always clean, made of the strongest materials, and must remain sharp. So too is a solid country built on its strong principles, support of its people, and powerful capability to defend. However, when one of these three balances is removed, the blade weakens.

A dirty blade rusts, a blade made of bronze will break to one of iron or steel, ND a dull blade becomes brittle. As such, a society that removes its principles becomes weak, is not supported by its people crumbles, and is unwilling or unable to protect itself will be destroyed. What causes a blade to rust is complacency. When one believes they have the sharpest sword, they stop sharpening it. This complacency gives room for the sword to be broken. A plethora of examples can be pulled from history to show this, but perhaps the best is the Spanish Empire, who most certainly had the sharpest sword of their time.

The Grandee y Felicities Armada or literally “Grand and most Fortunate Navy’ commanded a massive 357 ships. The arrogance of the Spanish was most apparent in the fact that they literally named their fleet “The Invincible Armada,” and the opinion among the fleet that training was unnecessary. This complacency, the opinion that they were invincible, allowed the British fleet to destroy them. The British were not complacent, rigorously trained their crews day and night, and in seven days their fleet of 130 ships had turned the Invincible Armada into driftwood and bodies.

And with that single event, that complacency, that belief that they were untouchable, the Spanish collapsed from their status of superpower. Their pendulum swung their suspension ceased, and their society plunged. To prove this not a one-time example, we move to the collapse of the British Empire. The British Empire was undeniably the greatest superpower to have ever dominated the world. At its height, the famous adage “The sun never sets on the British Empire,” was true. With control of: 39 colonies in the New World, control Of India, Africa, China, the Pacific Isles, and Australia, the British almost literally ruled the known world.

And it was here that the British came complacent as well. The British reduced their standing army substantially, placing their power in local hired guns like the Hessians. Additionally, the society itself became too elitist to deal in war. These effects were clearly seen during the American Revolution. The relative rustiness of the British army led to many tactical blunders, causing them to lose the few key battles that cost them the war. Furthermore, while capable of combating the Americans longer than they did, their society became war sick quickly and decided to quit, believing the results of this action would end the issue.

Rather, it proved to the other colonies that they could do the same, and the British quickly found themselves losing colonies at an alarming rate. The British were forced to consolidate, losing nearly all of their American Colonies to hold to their interests in China, India, and Africa. Eventually, even these were lost and the British found themselves lacking of colonies by the mid sass’s. Their war sickness set off a chain of events that caused their empire to crumble, and their pendulum to swing. Impact -? Our Pendulum of America And now I move to my last example: The United States of America.

Now this example is a difficult one, because the United States hasn’t fallen quite yet. However, all of the evidence is there showing that soon history will repeat itself. When America came out of her isolation in 1917 to fight in WWW, she was one of the strongest countries on the planet. By WI, there was no question that she was the superpower of the world. She became that way by sharpening her sword, building it of the strongest steel, and cleaning it with her righteous belief that all are created equal. However, the blade has begun to rust, the steel has become brittle, and the blade dulled.

This began with the infamous Vietnam conflict. It was here that society became sick of war, and began to develop the dangerous opinion that it doesn’t affect them. Since that conflict, America has proven time and time again that she is too weak to see a conflict through to the end. The most recent and dangerous example Of this war sickness is the conflict in Iraq, where despite the warnings of officials that a premature withdrawal would end disastrously, America prematurely withdrew. The result was, as predicted, the creation of a breeding ground for Anti-American organizations, and the creation of our biblical David.