The Importance of Following Directions

Listening to instructions are very important skills throughout a person’s life. Such as if a house was on fire, the homeowner would have to listen to the instructions and procedures given by the fire department or police to make it out Of the house safely. At school, there are a numerous amount of drills that are performed and instructions that have to be followed in order to make school a safe learning institution. For Chuck E. Cheese, there are certain instructions and procedures the employees have to follow in order to insure that

Chuck E. Cheese is a safe fun place for both the kids and parents. Parents only want the best for their children. They do not want their children to feel discouraged by enforcing the rules and directions of the household. Parents are just trying to teach their kids in the way that they should go as said in the Bible verse Ephesians chapter 6. Good directions prevent misbehaver and a person will grow up to have a strong willed character if those directions are followed.

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Rewards are given to children ho follow directions from their parents and consequences are given when children don’t follow directions. It is important to the child that they listen attentively to instructions and commands given by the parents. It could be something to save your life. Sometimes, a parent might feel angry when a child doesn’t listen to the commands given. All a parent wants their child to do is listen, be humble, honest, and respectful.