The indigestible education

Food is one of the metaphors I use most when I talk or write about what it is and how education works. In a collaboration that did some time ago in the blog we said “Like food, education should be healthy and tasty at the same time, i.e. to satisfy our basic needs and get to enjoy because if does not help us to grow as people and not thrill us, does not fulfill its main task.”

A good education, and a healthy diet makes us develop properly. So every day that passes I reaffirm in the adequacy of this comparison. As happens when one eats only fast food, I am convinced that one acquires knowledge mechanically and does not implement or does not share it with others, knowledge is lost; and that the hours spent in the studio to swallow, that is, store undigested data and concepts (what some mistakenly confused with the effort and sacrifice), is lost time. Let me explain …

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Even with the risk of sounding scatological (I apologize in advance if anyone can upset), I would point out that just happens to our digestive system, when we learn also discard (defecate) everything that we are unable to digest properly. Our brain, that marvelous machine has the ability to retain that which is meaningful and discarding the short and medium term, everything that does not contribute anything.

When scrapping our brain is much more than that assimilates, we can say without fear of contradiction that the education we are providing that student is a real “shit” (literally …).

If the brain of our students do not give a balanced education, for example, we feed it only with what they like students, we are not offering an adequate education. Although they do not like vegetables, they have to eat; but they not like a subject, have to study it.

We care for diet education of our students. Us offer a digestible education, enabling them to grow as individuals, enabling them to always learn at any place, time or context … and, if possible, enjoy it.