The Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt One day Zeus went to go see Poseidon. So they can make a deal so they don’t have to fight. Because a long time ago they got into a fight about something stupid because Poseidon said he was better than Zeus. So they decided to make a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt was big, loud, lighting strikes every time it would flash. And the strikes were bright. It was as bright as a light bulb. So that day they got all their materials around. The next day they made the lightning bolt. Zeus and Poseidon decided to have a reason why they made the lighting bolt.

They made it because they wanted something different in the god/goddess world and because they had to make a deal. Poseidon wanted to make it because he knew a lot about the sky. Zeus wanted to make it because he liked flashes. They knew one day someone would find it in the real world. The next day once they made the lightning bolt , they went and put it in a cloud for a stormy day. It stormed that night and they watched it from their house window and they knew now it was a lightning bolt. Zeus wrote a letter to Possession after they had all their fun with Lethe lighting bolt.

It said: Dear Poseidon, That was a fun day yesterday. I’m sorry about what happened between us the past few years. If you could ever forgive me I would like that. I liked the idea off lightning bolt. I never knew how much you knew about the sky and all that. Anyway•says I liked the idea. Hope we can be friends again. Yours truly, Zeus Poseidon finally wrote back to Zeus saying: Dear Zeus, I got your letter. Yeah I’m sorry to. That lightning bolt is really bright. That was a great idea. And I never knew you liked flashes either. (weird)l also hope we can be friends again.

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Poseidon 5 weeks later a boy named Percy Jackson found the lightning bolt from the real would. Zeus and Poseidon were shocked that someone found it. But Zeus didn’t tell Poseidon something about Percy Jackson. Zeus knew Percy had found it because he sent Percy to steal the lightning bolt. Zeus didn’t want to share the lightning bolt with Poseidon because Zeus was Just lining about being friends with Poseidon. He hated Poseidon. So Zeus sent Percy Jackson on a quest to steal the lightning bolt. So Zeus could be the most powerful god in the underworld. By cassava