The new reform health bill, no enough hospitals and medical staff

By 219 to 212 votes the House of Representatives did pass the reform bill. The bill came with a tremendous package which will ensure effective life for Americans. The House finally voted to offer the medical coverage to the millions of those uninsured US citizens.

There was though some controversy between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans do believe that the reform bill will amplify costs in businesses while the Democrats see the health care as well as the insurance as a right and not a privilege that will enhance and improve American’s life. Despite the crash between the two parties, the major question is what the bill really means for the Americans. What about the doctors?

Will there be enough medical practitioners to care for the large number of the insured Americans? Though the new bill does offer care services to all people, there are no enough doctors to support it.

More medical students will also need to be enrolled in the medical schools to have more doctors available.  It is therefore imperative to embark on what the bill means to the US people and on some rational reasons why there are no enough doctors and hospitals in support of the bill.

According to the first year of enactment of the bill, the dropping of persons from being covered when they are sick will be an issue of the past since the insurance companies will have been barred from doing so. The insurers will also be barred from actually excluding the children too and young adults will stay on their parent’s plan until 26 years.

Other benefits will be that uninsured adults will be in a position to get health coverage via a new program. In 2011, Medicare will offer 10% bonus payment to the primary care medical practitioners and surgeons.

The Medicare beneficiary will get free yearly wellness visit as well as personalized prevention and other benefits. In 2012, there will be an incentive program that will be established in Medicare for all acute hospitals in order to enhance on their quality.  The bill also bans the doctors from owning stocks in the company.

The health bill though has numerous benefits is not supported by most hospitals and doctors. They say it is a ‘no way’ as the government main aim is to take over health care thus the doctors cannot have private practice (Purple politics, 2009).

More nurses and doctors will obviously be needed. Despite the fact that the health care has offered an overhaul looming in the past, most physicians are nervous because of the disaster that the bill might impose to American system of health care.  One there is doctor shortage.

There are no enough health practitioners to deal with patient’s influx that will be added by the insured Americans (Manny, 2010). Manny actually goes ahead to assert that there are no physicians in tri- state who will be available to handle the Medicaid patients.

It is patent that most doctors do not support the bill because there is no doctor consideration in the bill. Physicians have no realistic expectations on adjusting their income basing it on inflation as well as operational costs (Manny, 2010 ) Most physicians will continue practicing the defensive medicine and even leave medicine because there is no tort reform in the health bill.

Most doctors will be adding 30-40 million clients for American Bar Association thus there is a need to add tort reform (Manny, 2010) There is a need for more doctors to be hired as attracting more doctors in the field will prove to be complex. This means if nothing is done, the patients will see the physician assistants and nurses since the doctors will have no enough time for all the patients.

General practice doctors have been in less supply in the recent years (Evelyn, 2010) the American Academy of the Family Physicians predicted a fall of 40,000 doctors by the year 2020 (Evelyn, 2010). George Kikano who is a doctor and the chairman of family medicine asserted that there is a great reason to be concerned with the bill. Is there hope for more doctors in the reform bill? Dr. Kikano said:

Someone I know well had a one on one conversation with President Barack Obama in the White House two weeks ago to discuss the huge, looming problem of no family care doctors and the president said that this will be attacked next. (Evelyn, 2010)