The of present-day Cairo, it was built for

Great Pyramid of Giza is located south of present-day Cairo, it was built for King Khufu. Keeping a great base like the ziggurat, the pyramid offers a sleeker
shape. Another similarity is the fact that these buildings were not built with
modern day technology, so building these required excellent math skills and a
lot of human work, with pieces weighing 2.5 tons. The pyramids are made of sturdier materials than the
ziggurats, for instance, limestone while the Ziggurat is made of mud bricks. In
2100 BC ruler Ur-Nammu  out of
appreciation for the sun god had the ziggurat constructed. It is a rectangle
with three staircases in the front which
meet up at the top at an entryway. The ziggurats were raised to shield them
from flooding also there was believed to have a place where people go in case
of flooding. The ziggurats are also isolated, allowing few access, this was to
avoid robbers. Ziggurats are unique because they had steps and slants as to
pyramids who only had a long stretch out of staircases. It is not uncommon for a
Ziggurats to have seven layers. There no chambers inside these structures and are shaped like either a rectangle or square.
Pyramids have chambers inside and have
triangular outer surfaces that meet at a certain point. Most pyramids have five faces including its base,
there are four-face pyramids that have triangular or non-quadrilateral bases.
These are other physical differences between a ziggurat and a pyramid. The pyramids entrance differs from the ziggurats,
the passageways were situated on the base
of the pyramid and lead down. The ziggurats lead up towards the sky, so you can
be closer to the gods. The reason for the pyramid having tombs and not sanctuaries was not to love the
divine beings but to secure the dead and give them access to the afterlife.
Both the ziggurats of the Ancient Near East and the pyramids of Egypt are
amazing achievements of human improvement. Both civilizations went through
different conditions but they both showed amazing advancements in math and
science. Their respect for their Gods lets everyone know how important they
were to them, and thee last thing is how they both are benchmarks of time.

There are numerous
likenesses and differences between Ancient Egyptian Pyramids and Mesopotamian
ziggurats The pyramid that will be
used as a bit of this paper is the Great Pyramid of Giza and the
Ziggurat will be used is the Great
Ziggurat of Ur Both
structures were of foremost importance to its people. Ziggurats are structures
of unbelievable size with a level devoted only to religious traditions. One
resemblance they have in look is that they both are large. One motivation to build these structures was to flaunt
developing riches, eminence, and dependability to the divine beings they worshiped.
Another similarity is they both offered a place where one could visit their
deceased loved ones or gods they worshipped.

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