The One way to do this is for

            The first critical success factor is
to monitor customer needs and future trends. In other words, it is to
understand the market. One way to do this is for designers to have the artwork
of the fashion apparels and make a poll on popular sites like Facebook page and
let teenagers vote on the designs they like. The highest voted design is the
one Padini SEED should design and produce more of it for the market. Since
teenagers are tech-savvy compared to their elder counterparts and they tend to
use internet and social media more, so if Padini SEED wants to know what is in
trend, making a poll and let teens choose from multiple designs is the way to
know exactly what they want. This allows Padini SEED to produce more of the
design teenagers like and thus saving costs on designs which are not really
popular. This polling can be made from time to time as fashion trend changes
very quickly. It is to know
when to shift resources from old to new products as having long-term view of
market-development and resources is vital to success of business. It is one of
the most important operations as it has continuous improvement. Padini SEED seeks
to follow the trend as it goes along. Customer satisfaction is the most
important factor in determining the success of a business. By having the design
customers like, they will always come for more as they have found their go-to
fashion store everytime they want to buy a new shirt and that is Padini SEED.  It is the understanding of how and why
customers buy and that produce consumer loyalty. Padini SEED can also allow
customer service and feedback so that they can know if what they are offering
is good enough. Padini SEED has unique positioning advantage, strong brand
image and awareness. Everyone Malaysian surely has heard of Padini SEED before
as this shows they have strong brand image.


            The second critical success factor
is doing advertising and promotion on the products. In Malaysia, you will find
that shoppers come out to shop in full force during big festive celebrations
like Raya or Chinese New Year when the whole nation goes on sale. This is when
Padini SEED can make the most during festive season regardless of if it is
Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Christmas. It doesn’t mean that because it is Chinese
New Year therefore only the Chinese come out and buy. All bargain hunters come
out to shop. These days, the public expects sales. If Padini SEED offers
discount, people will buy. People just love to buy something cheaper than its
original price. If they see offer like ‘buy 2 free 1’ they will tend to buy
more. Having promotion works because it is only available for a specific period
of time. If people don’t buy the product now at the discounted price they are
more likely to miss out on saving some money. This is human psychology called
‘fear of missing out’. There is urgency involved. That anticipation of missing
out is exactly why having promotion works. Besides that, discounts entice
shoppers to buy sooner as it can be attributed to the idea of scarcity in that
customers understand that there are not always promotions available to help
save money. Urgency is a critical element in moving consumers past the purchase
threshold and can be aided with marketing communications like ‘one day only’ or
‘last chance!’. This helps removes any purchase hesitations that may be holding
customers back. If the discount is only good for a certain amount of days,
mention that when you advertise the discounted items. People are more likely to
rush in and look around if they know they only have a few days to do so as the
store will experience more traffic. With increased traffic typically comes
increased sales and not only the discounted items. Because the discounts
attract more people, you have more potential buyers for other items in Padini
SEED, as most people will look around to see what Padini SEED has to offer
before making a purchase. For example, if Padini SEED has discounts on entire
jeans selection, people will go to Padini SEED for the discount but also may
buy other clothing items or accessories, such as t shirt, office wear, belts,
and jackets.

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