The organisational structures

The organizational structures and strategic planning of both Priesthood and Hollywood Bowl Organizational structure is a diagram that shows which position ranks highest in terms of responsibility with the top regarded as the most responsible. There are three forms of organizational structure; hierarchal, flat and matrix, knowing which one to use will depend on the size of the business and the type of business for example a local restaurant with about five or more people will use a flat structure and a large construction company would use a matrix structure. Ill discuss these three hierarchal Structures in further detail below.

Hierarchical Structure is normally pictured as a pyramid design with the top being the highest position of responsibility and authority. This type of structure has lots of levels and positions to it for example a business with a hierarchal structure would have a managing director who oversees everything and makes all the decisions at the top then below him they would have senior leaders who have a lot of responsibility and authority but not more than the managing director, senior leaders also ass on information to middle management and make sure the managing directors decisions gets done.

Middle management is positioned in the middle or in this case second lowest of the hierarchical structure above staff and they ensure that the orders sent down by senior leaders are followed. At the bottom of the pyramid is staff they don’t have a lot of responsibilities due to the fact they are not responsible for any sort of management and just follow orders given by higher ups of the hierarchal structure. With the amount of levels I have just discussed in this organization structure just wows how long the chain of command and how much information gets passed through this chain.

This structure also show how narrow the span of control is due to how divided the structure is. Effective communication will be difficult to perform in this structure as the flow of information will take a long time to pass through each level of the structure due to the long chain of command. Flat structure are smaller and has a smaller chain of command than a hierarchical structure, this is type of structure is often used in smaller business. A flat structure would start with three levels or sometimes four, tit the manager or owner at top then maybe a assistant manager or senior leader below then staff at the bottom.

This is a short chain of command with a wide span of control as the manager would be directly in charge of staff and assistant mangers. Also communication in this structure will be easier to pass through due to how short the chain of command is. Matrix structure is much more complicated Structure than the other two because it’s based around mostly projects. This structure is split up by projects with project managers assigned to it along with team leaders that report to project managers.

This chain of command in this structure is short due to it having three levels which makes the span of control quite wide due to the project managers having full control of the projects and communication will be simple and effective due to it going through only three people another reason communication will be easy is that each project manager is responsible for his/her own projects and will only have to communicate to them instead of a manager who has to communicate to every team leader of every project which can make communication between them complicated and difficult.