The Other Side

But among the scalded unity, they were targeting their own: Unsymmetrical. Muslim Americans as well as many others who plainly “look Muslim” have been widely targeted group of individuals post the terrorist attack of 9/1 1 . Between the so called “Hutchins” for those who were responsible for the attacks and verbal abuse, a person would only imagine the feeling of Elizabeth and John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s: The Crucible (Source E). Following the 9/1 1 attack, the FBI reported a 1700% increase in hate crimes against Unsymmetrical between 2000 2001 (Source C).

In one of many horrific incidents, an innocent man named Bulbar Sings Stood was shot and killed by Frank Rogue, who stated he wanted to kill a Muslim” in response to the terror attacks (Source D). In a study by the students of Lillian University, there were situations when some feared and made it known they were not comfortable boarding a plane with Unsymmetrical. But those negative feelings were never exactly made toward the Muslims themselves. (Source C).

Meanwhile in another study performed by the Public Religion Research Institute found that nearly half of all Americans believe Islamic values are incompatible with those values of Americans. The same percentage also were found to be uncomfortable with the idea of a mosque being built in their neighborhoods. An additional fortune percent was found to be extremely uncomfortable if a teacher was Muslim at an elementary school (Source D). Both studies were completed about ten years after the attack of 9/1 1 . Has America’s grief turned to bitterness?

As a nation are Americans using the situation to become stronger or has it been used as a virus, spreading over time? Stereotypes are everywhere in today’s time. From the color of your skin to the store the fabric on your back was purchased from, a stereotype can be made from Just about everything. As a nation, Americans should be able to strive and move on past the incident, but never forget 9/11. As a nation the United States must learn it’s multicultural backgrounds they share and not use it against one another.

There has been an establishment that discrimination toward the Midwesterner natives has very much been present before 2001 (Source C). Even twelve years after the questions remains, “When will it stop? ” Discrimination against multiple different races is so common in America and will never have a complete end. Still Muslim Americans for the majority have learned to absorb the humiliation that others have drenched them in and move on with daily life. For the most part