The Process of a Process

Reading this will benefit those who sit at the desk in their room for hours scratching their ideals heads hoping for the light bulb to suddenly glow bright above them when trying to prepare a “How To” essay. Firstly, the equipment necessary is to be obtained. The wonderful part of learning how to prepare a process essay is there are minimal materials needed for the procedure. Here is the list: paper, a pen/pencil, a computer (now-a-days most teachers prefer everything to be typed), if a computer is not available try the nearest bribery, a cleared mind, and the hardest one being the chosen topic.

If by chance you cannot think of a topic try choosing a talent or hobby of yours. It is always easier to write about what you do well. After all of the necessary materials have been checked off, you can finally start to compose your masterpiece. Next it is time to turn on the computer. For your own convenience Microsoft Word is most appropriate when writing an essay. After setting up Word try clearing your mind of any unwanted or distracting thoughts you possibly have. Some people get sidetracked easily; a cleared mind will help in writing the paper faster and making it go smoothly.

In order for the paper to be a “How To” essay you must be able to teach individuals how to do something. Break out the paper and pen (or pencil whichever you prefer) and write the steps in order (what has to be done first to what has to be done last) on how to do what you are going to write about. This is Just to make the essay easier to prepare, because you do not want to leave out any steps or mix them up in an order that would be confusing to the person ring to perform what is being read. Now the best part is here, let’s get typing!

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Make sure you have a proper heading (MEAL format) and title before beginning the paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction, and it should be catchy. For example, let’s Just say your topic is about making the perfect lemonade. Instead of introducing the lemonade by saying “l will show you how to make lemonade” try something more enticing like “Have you ever wanted something cool and refreshing on a summer day? If so, you would love to know how to make the most delicious batch of lemonade. Moving on to the following body paragraphs, this is where the steps to the procedure are going to be used. Always make the first step collecting the ingredients/ tools necessary to perform the task. When moving on to following steps are examples: also, besides, next furthermore etc. The final paragraph is the conclusion; here is where you summarize the main points of your topic for better understanding of the process. Lastly, make sure to read over the final product. Hopefully, all the steps to the process were explained thoroughly.

Maybe have someone else read over your work as well; sometimes you will not catch your own mistakes as fast someone else will. Remember to clear your mind (it is easier to write without any distractions), list your steps before beginning to write the paragraphs, have a catchy introduction, use transition words, and summarize the main points. Now you have successfully learned to write a “Process Analysis” paper. You are free to charge into the world of composing essays.