The products of Information Technology

The products of Information Technology have been adapted by almost all areas of business operations. It has brought so much change in the today’s modern world of industrialization and modernization.

In the present era, the health department had started implementing information system which can help them in their day-to-day business operations. It is a fact that an information system really helps any organization and at the same time alleviates the burden that manual process brings.

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Since information is considered to be the lifeblood of an organization, this has to be kept in a more secure area. With information system, information are properly managed and kept in a database for future references and retrieval. The keeping of files and information, then, in an electronic storage gives the management a more effective and efficient way in dealing with their day-to-day business operations as well as its dealings with its patients. More often than not, patients need their records for future references.

With the implementation of an online information system, they need not personally go to the hospital or clinic to get their records; rather they just need to access them online. With this, there is less hassle for the patients in retrieving their files and other relevant information. Most especially in the hospital where people are always in a hurry about something, the management must cater to their immediate needs.

An information system is a big help to any organization. In the hospital area, most specifically, information system can benefit both the patients and the management.

One of the hospitals which uses and information system is the Nova Scotia which implements the Nova Scotia Hospital Information System. The system is designed to provide health care professionals with an immediate and a more accurate access to patient’s medical history information.

This system is their first step in the development and implementation of a Provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) for every citizen. This project allows the patients to view their information and this also allows them to share information among the different attending care providers. In addition, this information system also alleviates the need of the patient to repeat information over and over again.

The information system has been implemented in 34 hospitals across 8 district health authorities. This system provides an instant access to the patients’ records and also reduces test result duplication. In addition, the system is also update with the latest information about a patient; thus; keeping their database updated as well. (

It is, indeed, very evident that the implementation of an information system in the Nova Scotia Hospital does not only benefit the management but most importantly the patients. It is very important that the management must give a more convenient and hassle-free services to their valued clients and it is only through information system that paper-works are eliminated.

In addition, the Paragon Community Hospital is also implementing Information System which provides patients with better safety and comprehensive clinical systems and a faster way of tracking medical records electronically.

The system provides low-cost of ownership, easy-to-use and comprehensive clinical and a single vendor for revenue cycle and financial management needs. ( /Paragon+Community+Hospital+Information+System.html)

The development of an information system needs various components which can help in the success of it implementation. The basic components are as follows: (