The Progressive Movement

The Progressivism started to reveal these problems by, organizing huge protests, getting petitions signed, and using nu numerous forms Of the media. If we could see the air breathed by these poor creatures in their tenements, I loud show itself to be fouler than the mud of the gutters” (From Document 1 Back then the average person and the poor people lived in terrible houses/ tenements. They were extremely crowded, very unhealthy, and they were often living over wet cellars that would leak into their rooms. The new tenements that they have been building were the same as the old ones they had built. We see that in many things (our) life is very great… But… Vile has come with the good (Document 2). In their lives they had some great things, but with all great t things comes some very big or very small disadvantages. The richer you get the moor things you waste, the poor people don’t waste as much because they care about who at they have and the rich do not. The children back then worked to help support their families, but even them working would barely help their families survive. They would work 12+ hours and day and almost everyday of the week, they would make about one cent a day.

They had horrible working conditions, didn’t really get any breaks, and not much time to be kids and play with their friends (Document 4 the picture). The food back then was not processed correctly, people would become extremely ill, they would get harsh sissies, and possibly sometimes die. Until the 1 906 Pure Food and Drug Act passes, 1906 Meat Inspection Act passes (Document 5), those would help the people Stay from being, terribly ill, get the harsh diseases, and die, it kept them safe, but still today we have of odd scandals.

When they finally let women have the right to vote and the right to work, it was as harsh or even harsher for them when they worked. ” Women in the laundries stand for 13 and 14 hours in the terrible steam and heat with their hands in hot starch. Surely these women won’t lose any more of their beauty ND charm by putting a ballot in the ballot box. ” (Document 6). They would get no breaks like the men and children, and they would get teased and messed with by the men that worked there and that owned it.

The owners did not care about their workers, they gave them barely any days off, didn’t care if they were sick or hurt they still had to come in. Women compose manhole of the human race. In the last forty years, women in gradually increasing numbers have been compelled to leave the home and enter the factory and workshop. Over seven million women are so employed and the re minder of the sex are employed largely in domestic services. A full half of the work of the world is done by women ” (Document 9).

The women were taking over the jobs that the men had, this made them tougher and stronger. Many women that went to college back then would not get married because the men did not want to marry any woman that was smarter than they were. In conclusion, the late sass’s and the early sass’s some tremendous changes came along in the United States. Women getting the right to vote, Children not allowed to work, labor laws became better for the working men and women, and food processing became better.