The Reason Of The Respondents For Watching Music Videos

The Reason of the Respondents for Watching Music Videos The two most common reasons on why the respondents watch music videos are to understand the meaning of the song by the artist and for pure entertainment. Respondent A- Dryer (CEO) “Nan undo aka Eng music video first and foremost for entertainment kaki kappa undone aka as kina, it’s like you are watching a movie, there’s a story although moron naming MGM music video an talking waling awaken or Sabina an mating waling connect don as missing meaning Eng Kanata. ” (I watched music video, first and foremost for entertainment.

If you watch hem, it feels like you are watching a movie because there’s a story although there are music videos that are non-sense or let’s say that has no connection to the meaning of the song itself. ) Respondent C- Bianca (CUBA) “May MGM music kaki an kappa painstaking MO managed an gad so ma- curious pop aka an piano nail interpret visually so making OK pop as music video young meaning nuns Kanata kaki may MGM Kanata pong kappa painstaking MO maharani saying intending, did MO magnet peer kappa unpaid MO, mammalian MO an about papal Yuan as politics, about papal Asia as ignition Hindi papal Asia about as love. “There are music that if you listen to it, it’s already beautiful and I’ll be curious if how would they interpret it visually and I’ll see the meaning of the song through its music video because there songs that are hard to understand, you can’t get it but if you watch it, you’ll know that it’s about politics, about this and not about love. Respondent F- Anthony (CUBA) “Undone pop aka Eng music video kaki Nanking Asia Eng feelings. (“l watched music video because it lightens my feelings. “) Respondent D- David (CASE) “Uncloaking kaki Asia Para mass making anti young message Eng Kanata kaki mug packaging Lang anti Young Kanata Hindi anti maintaining Young missing message Eng Kanata. ” (“It helps us to see the message of the song more because if we’re just going to listen to it we wouldn’t understand the exact message of the song. I’) Respondent l- Divine (COACH) “Relaxing.

Minoans page down, Monika-uplift Eng spirit. ” (“Relaxing. Sometimes when down, it lift ups spirit. “) Respondent]- John (CT M) “Minoans unshaken din Eng MGM dance step at unspeakable. ” (“Sometimes I get ideas for dance steps and it’s relaxing. “) Respondent M- Rafael (CHECK) Undone aka Eng music videos kaki it helps me to set my mood bag OK may gallon. ” (“l watch music videos because it helps me to set my mood before I do something.