The Rite Aid Retail Drugstore

Rite Aid is a retail drugstore chain that believes in quality. They operate over 3,800 drugstores in 30 eastern states. Rite Aid offers health and personal care products, office supplies, cosmetics, seasonal merchandise, a variety of brand names, and a private label product line. Many of their stores also offer additional services such as one ? hour photo, fax and copying services, 24 hour stores, information lines, drive through windows, and natural health centers. My expectations of Rite Aid were very optimistic.

I knew from experience that Rite Aid was a good place to have your prescriptions filled and you did not have to wait very long. I expected them to treat me and other customers with courtesy. I like a store that asks if I need assistance with finding something and I felt that Rite Aid was this type of store. I expected the store to be clean and have easy mobile isles. So many stores have the isles so full that you can not walk through them especially if you are handicapped and on a walker or in a wheelchair.

I expected their products to be priced affordable and have a money back guarantee on them. I decided to be a customer and not an observer at the Prestonsburg Rite Aid. I wanted to see how they would honestly treat me so I walked around as though I could not find what I needed. An employee was quick to ask if I needed help. She assisted me in finding what I needed and was very kind and friendly in doing so. I noticed that all customers were receiving the same treatment and seemed just as satisfied as I was.

Rite Aid apparently has good prices considering they always have a sales paper out and they are always packed. Customers were not just browsing but buying. While at Rite Aid I noticed that most of their customers were middle ? aged and older. Rite Aid has a variety of products from toys for children to alcoholic beverages for adults. I was amazed at how many products they did carry. I noticed that Rite Aid offers all named brand products in home medical care, and they even offer generic brand drugs at the pharmacy.

It was obvious that most customers were there for the pharmacy but this allowed them time shop while waiting. I felt as though the customer? s needs were put first. The pharmacist even spoke with every customer that was receiving medicine and informed them about their prescription so they would be able to take it properly. When it came time for me to check out I had to wait in line for only a second, nothing compared to Wal-Mart. I was very impressed with the cashier and thought she was very patient and friendly. The other customers were treated this way as well.

I would definitely give Rite Aid a good evaluation because I could really tell that they enforced quality. They carry a wide variety of products and have very competitive prices. Their products are reliable, durable, and very appealing. The service was great and I did not have to wait. If I am not satisfied with my product then I can a refund with my receipt or trade it out for another product of equal value. Rite Aid is a growing business and keeps expanding. The Prestonsburg store is in a great location being next to Food City.

Having a good location is essential for drawing in customers. Customers are in a stress free and friendly environment while shopping at Rite Aid. Rite Aid has many ways of advertising such as a web page, television commercials, billboards, newspaper adds, and radio adds. Also, when you need to refill your prescription over the phone being assisted by a computer. It is easy and convenient. Rite Aid will continue to be in the business market for years to come because they know what quality is and they enforce it.