The Rivonia Trial Speech

The Revision Trial Speech Mandela’s speech explained the things he did, why he did them, and how he did it. Mandela gave reference to when he was younger in a tribe, he did not deny s mom of the charges against him, and he explained his role in NC, African National Congress, that gave his speech power behind it. All the crimes that were put against him was for the country.

Mandela tried his est. to keep South Africa under African rule and not white supremacy. The defenses Mandela gives to his background is that he has a bachelor’s deg ere and a prisoner with five years. The reason behind his imprisonment is because he try availed out of the country without a permit and also cause he created a strike; all because of his people. When he was younger in Transfer, a territory in South Africa, he listened to his elder the at told him stories about his ancestors fighting to keep their land.

Mandela said that it gave him ambition to work harder for his people’s freedom. One credential that is spoken many times in his speech is that through the two groups that he was in, Monocot and NC, the policy was SST dated and was to be followed that no violence was to be used either for a strike, petition, and etc. Mandela says in his speech, “… It could not be denied that our policy to achieve a nonracial State b y nonviolence had achieved nothing… “.

The last sentence also was about how a government hat uses power (violence) against it’s people, showed it’s people to use their power (violence) back. NC did not want to use and force or violence, but it could not be helped that the gave rent was not complying to the people’s needs. What Mandela was trying to accomplish in the speech was that the crimes he was facing was all for his people and nothing else. He tried other methods other than as potage, but nothing worked as well and effective. Mandela was a Medullas for his people and country.