The Song of the Spectators

The song of the spectators The main idea is to be a spectator instead of an participator. Which means that you should not be someone who participate to accomplish something or that you Just should like record events instead of being a part of one. To be a spectator can be good sometimes. In a fight the spectator would probably like “look the other way” and not try to dominate anything. The poem says that “we recognize that we survive by being separate. It is only the participant that dies” In that sentence they want to express that you will have to offer something to earn something.

Some people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther are a good example. They worked as hard as they could and participated as much as possible to make a better world and what happened, they died. ‘We are the lookers-on; we can separate Street holes and accidents with equal love’ That means that if there’s a fight or discussion they “don’t” have an opinion, their neutral. Sometimes you actually don’t have any other choices than being neutral in a fight or discussion. That could be if two very good friends are having a fight and you do not want to pick a side.

In that poetic sentence they make it obvious that the writer are a woman. The sentence says that they as a spectator are counting the stitches and heads that tossed down the ground. The victim that gets their heads ripped off are. The bad things about being a spectator can for example be what the sentence below are expressing. They make it clearly that they are not any participator that can/will do anything to avoid their friend Jean’s death. They were instead of trying to help her, which could cause their death too, Just watching her screaming to them for help.

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