The teacher I admire

The teacher I admire very much. I will never forget my first days at a primary-school when I met with my class teacher Mrs.. Flavoring, who is a religion teacher. She met my class cheerfully, sincerely and also smiled happily as she introduced herself. First of all, I know many educated people, who are pleasant to meet also to talk with but the sincerest person for me is my class teacher. Her friendly expression, smart appearance always admires me. The class teacher is a small-boned, very pretty Oman in her early thirties.

She has brown eyes and straight brown hair with blonde streaks. The teacher dresses simply but always manages to look not only comfortable but also attractive. Moreover, Mrs.. Virginia has a special personality. She is very broad minded and sometimes I can not believe, that one person can have so much energy, intelligence and ideas beside being so good and humane. When you get sad – she will get sad too and when you are happy-she will also rejoice with you. Mrs.. Virginia is like a mother, who cares for the schoolchildren.

She never shouts at them but comments on that person’s behavior in a quiet voice. She is not only like a mother but also like a psychologist. Mrs.. Virginia is a very reliable person. You can always count on her for help. Furthermore, besides her Job as a teacher, she does a lot of volunteering, continues her studies and attends various events. What is more, though she is a very busy person, she still manages to find free time or reading religious or philosophical books, which are her favorite.

As she spends her free time like this, Mrs.. Virginia encourages her students to also read books, certainly not only about religion. She likes to discuss events in her lessons with students and helps everyone. All in all, Mrs.. Virginia is exceptionally humane and natural. She is the kind of person whom it is pleasant to adjoin and meet, also very sociable. Life is measured not by years but by deeds and she has done a lot of nice and good ones.