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The first advantage of using fintech is time saving. This is in light of the fact thatit can help us to reduce their precious time when doing something. To quote anexample, they can use the financial technology for doing money transfer. Moneytransfer can be a large amount to transfer to another bank such as Maybank to CIMBBank, Hong Leong Bank to OCBC Bank, Public Bank to Bank Simpanan Nasional byshorter time. The people can do money transfer at anytime, anywhere without anycharges whether at local or international. In addition, they can always pay theirinsurance premium through the online banking or using their credit/debit card. Thepremium can be paid by monthly, quarterly, half-yearly as well as yearly. The systemnot only can automatically transfer the money but also help them to save time andwithout any error happen.Moreover, one of the benefits of using Fintech are it brings very convenient andflexibility. This is because the Fintech are light enough as well as easy to carry. Thepeople can use the financial technology for the money exchange currency. We cantake an example of exchange the money for Malaysia (Ringgit Malaysia) to theSingapore (Singapore Dollar). For the every single day, the exchange rate will betotally different, sometimes it will be slightly higher, sometimes it will be dropdrastically. The people also can online shopping by using the financial technologysuch as Shopee, lazada, alibaba, as well as 11 streets. They can get what they want,need at there and pay it after the confirm purchase button. It is very convenient theyno need to go for outlet at shopping mall because some of the outlets do not have thesize, colour as they want. The people just need for the delivery time to post to theirhouse and it will take less than a week. The delivery time can be considered fast aswell as accurate.Aside from that, the third advantage of using Fintech is the people can compareand collect the data so easily and make a better decision. This is due to the reason thatthey can search and obtain whatever information they want and need by using thefinancial technology. The information in the internet is always updated from time totime. To further illustrate on this point, when the project is going on, and it occursome of the errors, they can always look for the internet and find the better answer toovercome it. They may always seek help from their friends, lecturer as well as family.On the other hand, the next advantage of using Fintech is more advance globallyand internationally. This is in light of the fact that they can communicate to theirfriends through the social media whether in local or any other countries as well. Forexample, they can always use the social media such as Facebook, Instagram,Messenger, Whats App, Skype and so forth. Some of the teenagers are watching themovie via the youtube cannel, face to face communication via the Skype, text to eachother via the Messenger. Some of the family their son is working at outstation, andseldom go back to their house, their parents will be doing this type of communicationsand communicate to them.Last but not least, the last benefit of using Fintech is low agency fees. This is dueto the reason that they no need to provide any fees for doing any transaction. Forinstance, some of the company will pay their advertising fees to the owner. Thepeople can use it anytime, anywhere.To sum it up, these are the advantages as well as recommendations of using thefinancial technology (Fintech). Fintech is important and essential in our lives. All ofus should ensure and assimilate the above information that Fintech is accepted as partas parcel of our daily life. This would definitely aid us to realize or actualize ourindividual goals as well as to propel our nation towards achieving its chief objectives.