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The topic of whether it is best to pay for mortgage or rent has become more debatable. Various factors which determine the choice upon which a person settles between mortgage and rent. There are also advantages of owning a home as well as paying rent. In most cases, individuals that move or travel around tend to prefer paying rent. However, other people normally prefer leading settled lives by owning homes as long-term investments.  However, considering both the disadvantages and disadvantages of each option, none is better when compared to the other. Rent and mortgage are the same because of their advantages, as well as disadvantages, outweigh one another.Various reasons force people to decide to rent rather than mortgages. One critical factor why most people choose to rent is finance. Most people are opting to rent usually lack the money for paying the mortgage fees. Others also have excess debts, poor credits or are in the process of building their credit. With renting, the tenants are not liable for the repairs to the property they are dwelling in.  In most cases, individuals who opt to rent tend to have jobs that require them to relocate. The choice of renting helps the individuals since they save on the hassles of reselling their properties during relocation and the real estate payouts within the short period. Unlike renting, individuals who decide on buying a home often do so because they are ready to settle down and are prepared to make the financial investment. It is important to note that mortgaging is usually cheaper compared to the costs of renting for more extended periods. Leasing is generally considered a waste of resources and time since through mortgages the owner build equity and make investments. When a person mortgages a property, they gain the sense of freedom as the homeowner without being subjected to any restrictions. An advantage of mortgaging is that the owner has more space for living compared to renting. For instance, mortgage properties have yards and garage spaces among others. Another advantage is that with mortgaging the interest on tax is deductible for the state as well as federal taxes. Apart from that, people decide to own a home because it brings about the sense of pride which is not there on properties that are rented.Apparently, it is essential to consider the negative impacts associated with renting and mortgaging before committing to each. When renting, the tenant must be prepared to give up a certain amount of their privacy since they reside on another person’s property. Renting, therefore, makes them liable to restrictions that need to be evaluated before deciding to rent a property. Various challenges are also associated with mortgaging since the responsibility for maintenance of the property is transferred to the owner. The incapability to make up the realistic budget schedules also brings about some effects especially when something unexpected occurs.In summary, mortgaging and renting have their pros as well as cons. However, it is the sole purpose of the buyer and tenant that determines the best option to choose. Usually, it is advisable to make decisions contemplating on long-term effects rather than dwelling on the short-term gains. For example, when dealing with a property, an individual needs to determine the reasons for accessing it. Outlining the needs typically makes it easier to make a firm decision and limits the chances of inviting stress.