The they find a cylinder with a biohazard

The book that I am
going to review is ‘Inferno by Dan Brown’. This book was published May 14, 2013.
Dan Brown’s Inferno is about a thrilling mystery, it is his 4th book
continuing his series. He loves mystery so all of his works have treasure hunt which
is only for twenty- four hours to find the treasure. Most of his works have
symbols, religions, historical elements and more. He was inspired in Dante
Alighieri’s Inferno that’s why he made the book. The book is in hard-cover
print and e-book. And since it a very popular book, they decided to make it as
a film by October 26, 2016.

Robert Langdon, a
professor who is expert in symbols and he is the professor in History of
Culture. He woke up in a unknown hospital without remembering anything from
what happened. They said he got a temporary amnesia. The unknown hospital he is
at is in Florence, Italy. He was very confused on what is happening then a
doctor come to his room. Asking him if he’s okay, she is Dr. Sienna Brooks.
Sienna Brooks helps him out to remember all his memories. Then one agent come
named Vayentha and tried shooting them so they immediately run away from the
hospital and come home to Sienna Brook’s house. There they find a cylinder with
a biohazard sign on it, which is in Langdon’s in his jacket and trying to call
for help about it. And then Vayentha got them tracked because of that call. So
they again escaped from the house. They look for more clues from that cylinder
that Langdon found in his jacket.

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Zobrist, a mad scientist
talked about overpopulation in his speech. He make everyone realizes that we
are in a serious problem about overpopulation. So he then finds out a plague
that the problem will be solved. I myself think that the problem is the plague
that Zobrist find out. He just used Langdon to find out what it really is so he
can test the plague. Another problem would be the time that Sienna Brooks had
found the plague and open it so that the virus will spread out. But the virus
itself can spread throughout the air and it didn’t kill all the people.