The They wrapped strips of leather or straw

The early medieval times, also
known as the Dark ages, is a period that followed the fall of Roman Empire.  The fashion and clothing during this dark
time did not change much as the materials used to make the garments were tough
and sturdy and they could last a lifetime. 
The medieval society was segregated into various classes and each class
has their own clothing. In Fashion Designing Courses today Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh, provides a deep go
through on this topic before going ahead.

Lower classes included peasants,
serfs and low skilled workers. They wore tunics made of cloth or leather and
were barefoot or wore sandals. Wool was woven to make fabric at home. The women
wore a longer, gown-like tunic whereas the men wore a shorter tunic with
trousers. They wrapped strips of leather or straw their lower leg for
protection from damage. Today modern cloths designs are also inspired with the
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The wealthy men wore more refined
clothes and ornaments. Their clothing was made of finer fabrics and had many
layers. They wore under tunic, which was made of finer linen. It was
lightweight, durable and easy to launder. Exported silk from Byzantine and
cotton was used for making garments of the nobles and aristocrats. Their
clothing seemed more stylish due to different colors of the under and over
tunics. Modern Tunics also designed in the same era many a times by designers
who have professionally attended Best
Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh. Tunics at that time were adorned
with ornate laces and hems and clasps that gave the whole look a very stylish
appeal. For cold weather, the cloaks worn over the tunics had fur lining and
edges. The merchants and other free men wore garments of higher quality than
what serfs & peasants used to wear.

The Church ordered women to wear
simple clothing, hairstyle and accessories. They were supposed to be modest,
and wear veils and cloaks over their heads. The shoes were not as elaborate,
only two pieces of leather stitched together to cover the feet.  Wealthy women world sew their dresses and
gowns at home and add embellishments such as embroidery and laces.  You can also be an expert of Cloth design and embroidery
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