The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: Who’s Fault Was It?

For one, place the e blame on the shoulders of none other than the supposed “holy man”, Friar Lawrence The Friar, supposedly a man of God, can be blamed for multiple reasons. The most obvious reason is that he is the one that married Romeo and Juliet. This was us opposed to only be done by parent’s consent, considering how young Juliet was. The wedding took place in secret at his chambers, even though he had doubts beck a use Romeo had just been madly in love with a woman of God, the beautiful Rosalie en.

Then he kept this marriage a secret from the entire city of Verona! Friar Lawrence broke the ninth Catholic commandment, thou shall not bear f else witness. As taken from the mention of nuns, Friar Lawrence is indeed a Catch lick priest. The man told Juliet to lie to her parents about agreeing to marry Paris. He alls convinced her to be deceitful by giving her the potion to make everyone belie eve her to be dead. Also, he was going to make her a nun. Nuns, according to Catholic awe, cannot be married, and he knew good and well that Juliet was.

For the final reason that Friar Lawrence is to be blamed, he sent Friar John wit the letter to Romeo. He did not tell Friar John the importance of the letter bee Eng delivered on time. Because of this tragic mistake, Romeo arrived and thought Juliet was truly dead. The only thing that could have lead him to believe her to be al eve was that she was still beautiful, as stated from the famous line, “Death that hath s chucked the honey of thy breath hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.

Thou art not co queered. ” Romeo thus took his own life and later Juliet followed, all because Romeo did NT know she was alive. While any number of characters could have been blamed, Friar Lawrence was the most responsible for the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet. Though he meant to help, he made things worse for all involved, resulting in six deaths in two days .