The Use of Medical Records

The digitalization of information has give rise to the use and production of medical records. The opinion in the use of medical records is not always positive even though the main purpose of medical records is to help improve the quality of heath care system. Given the number of possible users, medical records can sometimes be very comprehensive and lengthy. In my role as a medical assistant in a physician’s office, the medical records I have seen do not have the kinds of detailed information that can be on the medical record of a hospitalized patient.

I wonder if I and my colleagues are missing important information that might help me for better care of our patients. Electronic medical records or EMRs can be reliable source for data regarding the patients so it must be comprehensive and accurate so that multiple users can find what they really need to know with the patient. Medical records are both for the patient and the physicians so one can assume that they are highly accessible. What do I think are the pros and cons of having many users of medical records or having few users of medical records?

If there are so many users of medical records the most common problem that could happen is the lost of privacy or confidentiality of records. Fewer users mean your records can be more secure or private. More users also mean that medical records are indispensable tool. Since medical records are more permanent than those handwritten in papers they can be stored for future reference. Records need to be comprehensive or detailed and at the same time concise enough for physicians not to miss important information.

It is better if medical records are only reserved for those who really need it and must be stored securely. There is both positive and negative aspect in the use of medical records. Doctors, nurses and medical assistants must know the limits in using medical records. Its purpose is to improve patients’ health and at the same time the efficiency of health care workers. If this is not achieved then medical records will not exist and will just be a waste of time.