The Vitruvian Man

The Trivial Man Art, Science and Change Jessica Reader I. Introduction The renaissance era has been known for some worldwide art pieces. One particularly is the Vitamin Man by the late Leonardo Ad Vinci. Not only has this piece been reflected upon as a famous piece from the renaissance era it has also been carried through as an influential piece to humanities and has had a great deal of influence in the blending of arts and sciences. II. Renaissance Philosophy l. Renaissance meaning new birth II.

Humanism brought aspirations and observations creating new architectural works of art. Ill. Vitamin Man 1487 I. Leonardo Ad Vinci . The Vitamin Man a symbol of movement to realism and modern science in an era Of humanism. (Karl -? Hans learn) Conclusion Art and humanities has changed over centuries bringing new meaning and life to what is viewed in today’s society. Architecture is broad and ever expanding to new ideas however without the history and philosophies of our ancestors such as the great Ad Vinci modernization may not be as it is today.