The welfare of the citizens

The increased inflation rates that America is facing due to the current economic crisis have resulted to the escalating prices of commodities. The unemployment rate that is approximately 25% and the highest unemployment rate America has witnessed in a long time does not improving the situation.

The welfare of the citizens is highly being affected as most cannot afford to provide a balanced meal to their families. A plethora of medical cases concerning obesity, diabetes and other food related diseases cum disorder is being reported by medical practitioners as they complain on the increased rate of bills that go unpaid.

Agronomists and scholars have however come up with strategies that will help the American citizens to overcome this predicament that has curbed their productivity efficiency towards building their economy. They have come up with compounds that increase the overall production rate of food crops to a capacity that will satisfy the demands of the market, thus decrease food prices. Organic nutrients that help soil to regain its fertility level and plant crops to meet their required growth standards blossoming to healthy food crops have been introduced into the farming sector.

The use of biostimulants in agricultural activities has greatly improved the agricultural sector of the economy as the growth conditions of plants has been made more conducive. Biostimulants reduce the overall period of plant growth, improve soil profile, enhance root development, biomass accumulation and reduce the total amount of fertilizer used by the farmers (Reil & Shry 6). Biostimulants are greatly relied upon by commercial farmers especially at the nursery production level of the plants because they enhance rapid shoot and root development.

The commercial farmers are therefore able to produce food at a faster rate to enable them satisfy the growing demand in the market and thus balance the rules of supply and demand. Biostimulants also help plants to develop a shoot to root ratio that is appropriate for their survival especially when grown in unfavorable conditions.

For instance when growing lettuce, radifarm a complex biostimulants extract that provides the lettuce with the necessary nutrients required to stimulate its growth in the nursery level is used. Starch which initiates the development of lettuce shoot and roots in the correct ratio is provided in form of polysaccharides (Reil & Shry 17).

Nitrogen products, vitamins and essential micro elements like potassium that aid in the growth process of lettuce are also availed. Radifarm decreases the nursery production period taken by lettuce to fully develop due to the enhancement of the lettuce root and shoot tissue.

The biostimulant also helps the lettuce to sustain any shock effects that would result from the transplant process as the root system of the lettuce is well developed. A concentration of 125ml a.i. /hl of radifarm should be sprayed onto the planted lettuce seedlings under the greenhouse effect of 12-14 °C for a period of less than sixteen days (Vurro et al. 122).