The wish

If I could have my Christmas wish fulfilled I would want to have a little girl named Canary to have her dream come true and to donate money to her. I make my request after thoughtful consideration and I hope to persuade you of the value of my request. Let me share my reasons with you. A six year-old with Wills tumor, sad isn’t it? Her name’s Canary, she was found to be suffering from Wills tumor, a cancer of the kidneys. Her right kidney had several moors and her left kidney had one large tumor.

No child such young of age should suffer through so much pain. She didn’t ask for it, these kinds of problems Just happen. Yet, with every situation there’s always a way to help. I ask of you, Santa to help donate money to little Canary. Not every child is born into rich families; most families with this kind of situation need help. SST. Jude Children’s research hospital helped Canary with her problem. She received chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. The doctors in SST.

Suede’s hospital were so helpful, caring towards Canary, and I ask the same to you to help her and donate to SST. Judo’s hospital to continue to help. It is very important for people to continue donating to SST. Suede’s Hospital. They provide the best care possible to all the children in need, regardless if you have the funds for the medical care or not. That is why I ask you Santa to donate to this place that provides so much hope for the children and their families.

My Christmas wish is not about me, but about Canary. I hope for my wish to be fulfilled. For her to have her dreams come true and for people to donate to SST Suede’s hospital to help her. Christmas is a time of giving towards others. I wish to help her in any way possible. Donating to the hospital can create such massive impact. Think of it as if you were in her position wouldn’t you want some one to help you? Once again I would be thankful if my wish is granted by my reasons. Help for a cause. Sincerely yours,