Theory of Vaccination

As the son of a mother who is obsessive when it comes to health and nutrition it is almost impossible to escape the consistent ramblings and qualms about eating properly and getting plenty of exercise. There are always many stories circulating at the dinner table about how the family across the street has a house full of poor nourished and hyperactive children, and other daily health concerns and stories that my mother has heard on the radio or at the local grocery store. On several occasions the topic of vaccinations came up. My sister’s school was immunizing against red measles and the discussion of whether or not she would get the needle quickly led to a full blown debate.

Some time later we were talking to a close friend down the road who had three young boys, all of different ages. Two of the three had severe ADD (attention deficit disorder), as well as other personality flaws. Such matters may not seem uncommon in this day and age, however there was something quite starling about their case. As it turned out, the two boys each were fine until they received their booster shots. A short period after they significantly changed for the worse. This is not the only time we had heard of such a story, in fact there are many cases just like theirs.

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The theory of vaccination has never been successfully tested. In fact right now there is a growing debate over whether vaccinations are linked to the increased incidence of lung, brain and bone cancers seen in children and adults. Perhaps, we are lab rats. It may seem far-fetched but from recent findings and first hand cases I really see the possibility as being more and more likely. Vaccines are not as safe as they are promoted to be.

The SV-40 simian virus was found in some of the cancer tumors in many regions of the United States. Why would a monkey virus be in cancerous tissue? Well after looking back, the polio virus was cultured on African green monkey kidney tissue to be used for mass vaccination purposes in North America. Along with the polio virus, an unknown simian virus was also grown. In the early 60s it was found that the polio vaccine was contaminated with this simian virus and could pose a health risk to humans. Millions of North Americans are affected by these contaminated polio vaccines. After discovering this information I was shocked. How could such a deadly virus be aloud to spread throughout our nations? There must have been some awareness of this simian virus and if so why was it allowed to be used? People seem to be constantly dying of cancer.

When my grandfather became sick, it was a quick end to his life as he was diagnosed with cancer and his father before him. My grandfather and grandmother on the other side of the family also both died from cancer, as well as two uncles, and three aunts; all oral polio vaccine recipients. So it really is an issue that hits home for my family. But it is not just the elderly; even small children are infected with cancer and other ailments that seem directly related to getting vaccinations. Their young bodies can’t process the antibodies and the bombardment of something like forty viruses tells a toll on their immune systems and minds.

Upon looking deeper into the subject I have found that many sources today now seem to believe that researchers inside and outside of government and pharmaceutical companies have known for nearly four decades that batches of polio vaccine were riddled with SV-40 contamination. The disturbing revelation was that SV-40 was recently identified in the tumors of adults who were vaccinated with the contaminated polio vaccine as children and who are now dying from brain, lung and bone cancers. After reading up on the startling fact that researches knew about the situation, I brought back my findings to the dinner table.

Also shocked my mother began looking for more and more information about the controversial subject. She read several well-known books on the subject. One of them in particular followed the money trail and led to the conclusion that there have been severe violations of public trust by federal regulatory agencies as health officials publicly downplay the lethal risk of a vaccine; medical experts with financial ties have endangered the health of immunized kids while enhancing the bottom line of drug companies; manufacturers put profits ahead of vaccine safety with impunity. And of course why wouldn’t they? They could make a fortune selling millions of vaccines to the public and bill it to health care. The hidden carcinogenic viruses would be a perfect form of population control.

Doctors and Nurses have been almost brainwashed with literature in favor of vaccines, but with no proof of success, and no long-term statistical analysis. Their defense is that polio and other life threatening diseases decreased after the use of vaccination, and so they work. However it is also common fact that the quality of life, and sanitation was greatly improved at the same time period, and maybe the vaccines were partially successful. That still does not account for the contamination, and the persistent use of vaccines today. They can’t be all as safe as they are let on to be; after all it is completely based on a theory. The people up the street from us with the three boys certainly don’t seem to think so any more.

Nowhere on the face of the planet is a theory made and put into practice on an unsuspecting population, except in the case of vaccination. It should be the reverse. Let’s propose a theory, study the effects and the implications, discuss its research conclusions with independent researchers all over the world, and if it has merit, let’s use it. This type of protocol is sound science. Today, vaccination is viewed with religious fervor and zeal, not scientific scrutiny. So, in the end, our family is not as blindly trusting towards the pharmaceutical industry as it once was. My sister never did get her red measles shot.