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There’s a Welsh proverb that says, “Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.”That relationship between grandparent and grandchild can be one of life’s greatest joys. Some of my fondest memories took place on my grandparents’ back porch, and I’ll cherish them always.One of the things I loved most about my grandparents was how they listened to me. They weren’t too busy with the day-to-day rush to really hear what I had to say. I felt truly important and valued.I don’t have to wonder how different that would have been if one (or both) of them suffered from hearing loss. I see it every day, through the eyes and ears of my own children. Their only grandfather – my father-in-law – is hearing impaired. He misses a lot of the silly comments and observations my little ones share.And at ages 6, 5 and 2, my children don’t quite understand that Papa isn’t ignoring them when they speak to him. He simply cannot hear them.We remind them to always touch Papa’s arm when beginning a conversation, and to speak clearly while making eye contact so that he can see their mouths and read their lips. He’s able to catch some of it, but sadly, he misses out on a lot.And so do my children.They don’t have that special bond with him that I was blessed to experience with my grandparents. I don’t know if they ever will.Watching this is disheartening, especially because I know it doesn’t have to be this way.Like many people with hearing loss, my father-in-law lost his hearing so gradually that he doesn’t realize how severe the problem is. He doesn’t know that he is losing precious time and opportunities that he can never get back.Do you suffer from hearing loss? What are you missing? And what are you waiting for?Schedule an appointment today with Physicians Hearing Center by calling (334) 673-7399. We can help you connect with those you cherish.