Thesis Conclusion

We therefore conclude that customers in Shaves Pizza are in the middle class because of the relatively high price of products in Shakes Pizza. Majority of them are working and has the ability to reach the price range of Shakes Pizza. Security Problems We added the security problems encountered by Shakes Pizza – MIMIC in our survey. Based on our interview with the security guards, though the outside of the restaurant looks uncomfortable, there are no incidents happening in he vicinity because of the security measures provided by the management.

In line with this, customers also rated the length of time in providing action by the management and the solutions given to the problems encountered. Majority of the customers rated the length of time in providing action by the management (3) Good and this means that the management has a sense of urgency especially when it involves the safety and security of their customers. While the solutions to the problems encountered given by the management was also rated (3) Good by the majority of the respondents.

This rating implies that the management is responsible enough to take an action to the problems encountered by their guests. We therefore conclude that whenever problems arrive at the very least expected, management still manage to solve the problem in a short span of time and that customers are satisfied with it. Also, we inferred that the solutions given to the customers that have encountered a problem were pleased and relieved despite of the disturbance. In order to prevent problems in occurring, managements must always have an effective security measures.

Problems are really inevitable, so the management must always be prepared with different kinds of problem especially when it comes to security. Location and Environment Prevention One of our problem is the security measures taken and existing facilities by Shakes Pizza – MIMIC so we added it to our in our survey. The respondents rated the CATV and alarm systems and the availability of the resources available and necessary for the establishment of an effective security program.

For the CATV and alarm systems, it showed that there is only 1% preference of the rating between the Good (3) and the Very Good (4). According to our observation, the Acts inside the restaurant were placed in corners, in the middle, and near the cashier and employees area while the Acts outside the restaurant were placed in corners also and covering each side of the street, the ADS and Serrate Avenue. Based on our interview, the Acts were always open 24/7 and are accurate because the duty managers monitor it.

This implies that the facilities such as the Acts were good enough and placed properly and do not need big improvements. The other revelation is the availability of the resources available and necessary for the establishment of an effective security program. Majority of the respondents rated (4) Very Good in this question. So far, this branch does not have yet criminal cases or security problems. This states that Shakes/s Pizza – MIMIC practices effective security program and when problems were encountered, they have very good prevention.

We therefore conclude, that the location may be dark at night; many vehicles pass by every second, and numerous people walk, pass, and come in and out which may be harmful to the assistant but due to their security measures and facilities, they were able to meet the standards and they were able to apply excellent security despite the risky surroundings and environment. Shakes Pizza – MCCALL plays a vital role in terms of security for establishments built in such location.

Expectation One main problem is what the customers expect to feel safe and secure while eating inside the restaurant. As our topic, “Security Expectations of Customers’ at Shakes Pizza – MAC”, we further asked and gathered data through survey the customers’ expectations. The respondents rated first their feeling on how protected they were against fires, bomb threats, natural disasters, robberies, active shooters, and violent crimes. Majority Of them rated it as Good (3) which is not bad.

The other category is the entry’ of intruders such as trespassers, street children, etc. We have also asked them to rate on how well do security problems or matters affect them as customers when choosing a restaurant to dine at. Based on the results, the highest ratings for the two were Very Good (4). This means that the customers were testified by the entry of such and they prohibit intruders from entering inside the restaurant that may ruin their meal and that security is also a matter or a factor that customers consider when choosing a restaurant.

Another is on how well they feel safe and secure in this branch compared to others and on how well did their expectation meet the restaurant’s security. Many of them answered Good (3) and means that they need improvement on this matter. However, the rating for the overall exterior and interior safety and security of Shakes Pizza – MIMIC were the same. Most of the respondents rated Very Good (4) and no one rated Poor (1 It was a good implication that the customers were satisfied to their safety and security.

Though ratings were not perfect and some needs improvements or changes in different areas, still, Shakes Pizza – MIMIC were on the line of standard and we could say that it is safe and secure to dine at on this branch. Restaurants by their nature include various types of potential hazards that can cause injury Or illness to employees and customers. Shakes outlets provide the room for movement lulus the relaxed place of casual fine dining and that makes Shakers definitely a better place to go and have a good meal together especially with the family.

For establishments like Shakes, security is important and it is one factor that customers consider when choosing. It is not just literally the interior and exterior factors but also the extent on how well will you serve and provide safety and security to your customers. We need to know everything first and come to a plan that will best suit your restaurant and will best prevent dangerous acts to attract more customers and keep them coming back.