Thirty (high resolution screen), glass trackpads, and people

Thirty years ago, phones, computers, and all of our daily device needs had never been heard of. Technology was growing up from its infancy, it was a field of interest to those who only thought different. Over the years, technology had a growth spurt. It shifted from building big, bulky plastic boxes with wires in them, to sleeker, more sophisticated desktops and laptops, and finally, up to the unveiling of the world’s first smartphones. This was followed by a flurry of innovations such as Android, Artificially intelligent virtual assistants and computers capable of numerous unconceivable tasks. Now there are over 200 noticeable technological firms worldwide, all trying to get the upper hand. Technology has initiated a war within itself, a war between many ideas. A war of innovation. So why not take a closer look at this war? The two juggernauts in the technology industry, Apple and Dell, are closely stacked against each other. Every year they try to out flank one another with a product, but what impact has that had on the consumer? Apple versus Dell, the war divided into brand, price and products, right here for the fans…BrandOver the years, both companies have unveiled products that have changed the mindset behind PCs. Apple, has taken a niche approach, by producing high standard laptops that boast more “quality” than “features” and have tended to price their products over the spending capability of most consumers. Now what do I mean by quality and features? The quality of a product can be told just by looking at it. Most apple computers have come into the market with sleek aluminium frames and posh retina displays (high resolution screen), glass trackpads, and people say, the best unboxing experience. Apple is all about the experience and the brand statement. Dell on the other hand, has done well in maintaining their quality of products. They have ventured out onto infinite displays and nice carbon fiber designs. However, the main reason most people buy Dell laptops is because of their specs and performance. In terms of service, Apple has consistently delivered on repairs and maintenance of old models. Dell on the other hand, has shown a lack of service centers and defective products quite often. This is due to the materials used in some of their laptops that do not weigh to the premium materials Apple often uses. When thinking of brand quality, Apple is the Louis Vuitton of technology. They often consistently produce good quality products and provide widespread access to Apple services. This battle has to go to Apple.PriceIn terms of price, Dell has always sold their products at great prices for well performing laptops. Often selling at as low as $699 to $1799. They have ever since their founding, targeted a wide market and delivered at affordable prices. Apple has always held the title as the best when it comes to quality. However, with quality comes a price, and Apple has proven to be inefficient in an attempt to be cost effective. They run into the market with extravagant prices and tend to shy away most mainstream consumers. Even though Dell has expensive computers, they have a separate line for them. Dell has just proven to cater to a wider market which helps in a battle of price. This fight must be won by Dell.ProductsThis is probably the toughest fight and its victor can be well argued upon. The first thing that comes to mind after one hears the words “Apple” and “Dell”, most can only think about their products. Apple has shown over the past few years, that they are the benchmark for service, quality and the overall experience a user gets from using an Apple product. What they lack, stated by many leading tech sites and reviewers, is that they fail to pack power and performance in their products. Again, what do I mean by that? If you compare Apple and Dell, the major difference is that Apple computers haven’t been able to perform as well as Dell computers in terms of CPU scores, gaming, and multitasking. An example shows the 15 inch 2017 Macbook Pro against the 15 inch 2017 Dell XPS. The Macbook appeared the obvious, better looking computer boasting the Mac operating system with decent specs. On the other hand, the XPS is a decent looking laptop and sporting windows. However, it has amazing specs, including more storage, state of the art graphics card, and a much more superior processor. To a normal consumer, the Mac seems a much better option considering its reputation as a brand. But as many seem to realize, the Dell is much better in performance. It has a better Geekbench and Cinebench score (processor tests), and is a much better performer in high graphic load activities such as gaming.Even comparing their lower computer models, Apple’s Macbook air isn’t a real challenger to Dell’s Inspiron series, as dell sports a much better processor and RAM, despite it still using a hard drive rather than an SSD. Dell also owns a separate brand specifically for high performance laptops and PCs, called Alienware, which is constantly stacked against Apple iMacs. The recent release of the iMac Pro hasn’t gained a lot of respect for Apple. Even though they have gone out of their way and produced a machine with better specs, they have come into the market with a price of $4999 for their lowest iMac Pro model. Aside from that, the iMac Pro is a great machine, probably the most powerful of this generation, however it fails to appeal to the regular consumer. This argument is about the products and as said earlier, despite Apple’s brand statement and sophisticated laptops, it can be agreed that Apple targets a very specific market and shies away from performance at times. Due to this, the winner has to be Dell.ShowdownAbove, it may seem that Dell has won, however I have to say it is subjective. The battle is between two very different companies, one focusing on power and performance and the other on the experience and quality of their products. I myself prefer Apple over Dell, but this is a widespread battle, with many factors coming into play. Hence based on this analysis of the two brands, Dell wins 2-1 over Apple.