This activities for employees · Develop and implement


This business plan will help the company to understand and
perform the sustainability procedure better toward a long-life sustainable (in
the sense of environmentally and socially responsible) business. According to
the table 1 in appendix actions have been divided to 3 sections (Entrepreneurship,
Design and policy). For each section there should be corresponding groups and
resources. All these actions are individual projects toward a jointly outcome
so, the result and progress of each will have effect on the whole process.

Action Plan

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sustainability criteria into annual plans for operational departments and
review on a regular basis throughout the year

Fuel efficiency standards applying to vehicles and equipment

Setting the goal of seeking the highest level of environmental
efficiency in all projects

Develop a zero-accident policy and programme in all activities
for employees

Develop and implement climate change adaptation policies

Strengthen the Company’s Social Action Plan by raising Social

Consolidate and update the environmental, social and governance
risk maps every year


a maintenance procedure timeline to ensure that all the equipments are well
maintained and replaced on a regular basis.

Designing Energy efficiency measures to reduce energy

Designing a procedure for mapping environmental, social and other
non-financial risks.


the new “reduce by reusing “project to recycle all the asphalt and concrete
misused and rubbished in all the projects.


Building long-term
loyalty and trust among clients based on the Company’s focus on Sustainability.

with third parties to develop innovative technologies and methods that ensure
the sustainability of the new business plan (By developing a network for
detecting start-ups and entrepreneurs and Establishing
specific talent detection and retention programme)

Implementing new risk management plans within the new business


to provide social and environmental values through the development of the
business model by making Environmental assessment compulsory in all projects
and Implementing Social Impact Management (SIM)
methodology within the new business strategy


o  Establishing a sustainability
forum collaborating local and regional journals for the first time in Iran.

o  Training employees in
sustainability knowledge and skills to enable them to work with the Company’s
new strategies.

o  Training sessions for all levels
and positions in the company regarding Risk management, climate change concerns,
Social Impact Assessment and new business strategies

Establishing new Goals, visions
and missions according to sustainability approach for the core business
Establishing a comprehensive Training
Program including:


Any innovation-driven sustainability process
needs to identify certain actions and suggestions for each particular lever of

Innovation Levers

Measurable opportunities are available for construction companies like
Farashar that are willing to add sustainability to their core business principles
as the demand for environmentally friendly construction projects both in design
and implementing contracts, is exploding. This Growing demand can bring the
company an opportunity to generate additional revenue streams if sustainable,
green construction is one of their capabilities. Another potential to be
addressed here is that, this opportunity is not limited to new projects only.
In fact, the Ideal situation is to also offer remodeling and retrofitting to
other existing projects. On the other hand,
Sustainability can
bring significant reputational, operational and financial risks to the
companies due to Significant gaps in policies and procedures. Also, sustainable,
green and environmental friendly project needs bigger construction budgets and
may impact return on the investment although it can provide significant
benefits in many aspects over the life of the project.

Opportunities and Risks of Contributing

This section outlines the proposed brief for the
sustainability plan concerning the company’s operations and activities.


In this proposal 4 objectives
have been defined for contributing with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
for their Sustainability Master Plan. One as main goal and others for different
measures of contributing based on the vision they have to be the most
competitive and influencing construction company in Iran by the mission of
engaging employees and partners toward a jointly sustainable development.


Farashar Asia, founded in 1995 is one of the largest and
most experienced full-service consulting companies with the experience in construction of railroad infrastructure and highway
design in Iran. It has also participated
in the construction of subway and tramway systems in Iran and the region and
has a long track record in underground works, where it stands out for its
geotechnics research. This company serves Iran and neighbour areas
through two regional offices in
northern and southern part of Iran with over 190 employees. In 1998 this
company joined “PARS GOSTAR” Company one of the biggest contractors in Iran
with complete and sufficient different types of machines, equipment and
facilities to execute all different types of civil projects. This way the joint
companies have been able to do their projects from A-Z (mostly through DB

Introducing the Company