This School Holiday

Then, I felt like a caged bird that has just been set free. Hurried to grab my bag and flung it over my shoulder and finally the school lady’s began! On Monday, started the journey by going to my friend’s house to record our school project. When we arrived, we talked for a bit and walked around the block waiting for Julia. When Julia finally came we began the record our music video. We had a bit of trouble making it at first but we just started to make it more fun instead Of taking it so seriously.

We made a change of venues and went to the park so we could have a larger space to film. There we found the perfect areas the film our video with a slide, swings and even a sports stadium! We very much enjoyed recording it there! Here with the four of us, away from claustrophobic classrooms, the rushing students and busy pathways, I enjoyed the presence of peace. As I took my seat on a swing ready to be filmed, and looked around me, can see a ton of smiling faces.

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Birds flew gracefully and children playing quietly among themselves, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. When we finally finished recording we went back to Shirt’s house and ended the day off with pizza and chips for dinner. After that every other day up until Friday was aroma and there was nothing special just playing about and sitting around all day. But on Friday I woke up quick and early, it was the day I have been waiting for a very long time, we went to the “Royal Melbourne Show”.

It was such an exciting day for all of us and especially it was even more exciting because we were joined with other family. When we got there was over the moon that we were here! On the day we went on many rides including: Break Dance; which was very fun, Crazy Spinning Coaster; it was scary but fun at the same time, Fl Euro Slide; it was terrible since my mat didn’t slide at all and I ad to drag myself down, Pirate’s Revenge; which so fun and we got all wet and Rock star; which was so scary and am proud of myself for going on it.

Some of us (not including me) went into the Hollywood Terrors which sounds terribly scary and I would never have the guts to enter that house of monsters.