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This debate has been going on for a variety of years. It seems to me, that seat belts should be worn on school buses. Three reasons to why It’s my belief is that they would keep drivers attention on the road, it decreases injuries caused by crashes, lastly they force children to sit properly. What a life saver. Take a minute and read my reasoning why it seems to me that seat belts are the safer way to go.First of all, seat belts keeps children from severe injuries caused by crashes. The website states, ” Those features don’t necessarily protect children during side- impact crashes or  high- speed rollover crashes.” It’s not making sense why we don’t have seat belts. In other words, the front seating pads don’t help children from injuries in certain crashes. For instance, the website says, ” If a crash occurs the use of seat belts will reduce the probability of death and the severity of injuries.” Crazy right? This connects to how children will sit correctly on the bus it will minimize the percent of injuries and even death. According to the website, ” Lap-shoulder seat belts provide better protection against head and neck injuries.” Why don’t ALL schools have seat belts? Well I have no clue! This proves, that lap-shoulder seat belts help children sit in their seat properly. In conclusion, seat belts absolutely would help with the high number of injuries that happen over the years caused by children not sitting correctly.Secondly,  they would keep drivers distraction on the road. According to the text, ” Seat belt usage improves passenger behavior and reduces driver distraction.” This proves, that seat belts will make sure that driver attention will be kept on the road instead of on misbehaved children out of their seats. Is there any other ways to resolve that problem? Yes, SEAT BELTS! According to the website, “Seat belt usage in school buses reinforces good safety habits.” For example, the driver doesn’t have to continuously have to look back to make sure kids are sitting correctly and increase the odds of a crash. Kids are most likely wanting to turn around in the isles and therefore have to be corrected by the bus driver. If needed to look back at kids not sitting properly and take focus of the road and make the probability of a crash high. To wrap up, after all my reasoning on why seat belts will make sure drivers attention stays on the road will make you consideration about seat belts on the bus.Thirdly, seat belts keep kids sitting in their seats properly. The website says, “Rollover crashes are less common, but can result in severe injuries.” In other words, some of those injuries can be concation, broken arm, and other head injuries if not seated properly. A catastrophe! Am I right? According to the website, ” Frontal crashes are most the most common type of accident that causes injuries to kids on school buses.” This proves, that without seat belts children can just be thrown round the bus without correct seating. Now, do you see what I mean? The website mentions, ” Seat belt usage in school buses reinforces good safety habits.” For example, children who are seated with seat belts will get used to sitting properly and not go into bad safety habits while attending the bus ride. Seat belts are the answer for all these problems. To conclude, seat belts will help keep children sitting in their seat properly and show good safety habits.Opponents may disagree with me on my statement. Others may say, “Seat belts are very uncomfortable.” I say, well that’s why there are ways to just the way you sit. They would also say, ” There is not point if there are frontal seating pads in front of you.” Technically, those features wouldn’t help you in certain crashes such as high speed~ rollover crashes. In summary, I think you should wear seat belts for extra precaution.Despite the fact that seat belts aren’t used on buses daily,I really think they should be. I’ll give you time to think about you decision before you make it. In the previous paragraphs, I gave three reasons why they should be placed on the bus. They were decreases injuries during crashes, keep drivers full attention on the road, and lastly keep children in their seat sitting properly. Now, you can see that seat belts are a horrendous part of safety. If you don’t agree with my statement after all of this you are incredibly stubborn. The safety of the people shall be the highest law ~Marcus Tullius Cicero