Thoughts on Tao Te Ching

The lesson that I take from Tao Et Chining is that everything comes and goes; nothing is set in stone forever, and times will always change. It being said that nothing stays the same forever, there are patterns and cycles in life. I notice these cycles in more than just life. I notice them in the world as well. One example of where these cycles are rather noticeable is in the seasons.

Each year we go from spring, to summer, to fall, and finally to my least favorite season of all, winter. The phrase “Opposites attract,” comes to mind when I read Tao Et Chining- Now I know that the phrase is usually said in the context of people, but it can have many different uses. One of the ways that phrase could be applied is with magnets; when both magnets are pointing toward the same pole, they repulse, but switch one around, and bingo, they are attracted. An example of this is “Difficult and easy support each other. When a person is difficult to please and that person gets married to someone who is easy to please, the difficult one will always find something wrong with the other while the easy one will always be happy with what the other already possesses. To have a sense of one term, one must first understand the other. In the excerpt, the lines, “Long and short define each other,” and “High and low depend on each other,” are great examples. For something to seem long, one must first see how short something else is.

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If I walk one-kilometer every day and then randomly run a k marathon, the one-kilometer run would seem rather short in the grand scheme of time compared to the k. Now if I were to live on the ground floor of an apartment building for my whole life and then one day went to the roof which was the 25th floor, and looked off, that would me like a gigantic fall compared to my ground level window. Without one I would have no perception of what the other could be. Ever heard of the billionaire Warren Buffet? He is a great example of my next point: live simply and live happily.

The passage says, “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In work, do whatnot enjoy. In family life, be completely present. ” The lesson to be learned from that stanza of the passage is that more is not always better; live simple, and live happy. What does Warren Buffet have to do with this lesson you ask? Buffet who is now worth an estimated $68 billion, has lived in the same house that he bought in 1958 for only $31,500. He has lived in it for most of his adult life, and it is one of his best investments in his own words, because it is what matters to him.

The last lesson I gather from this is to pay everything that matters equal attention. The text says, ‘When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad. ” This is essentially saying that when one becomes obsessed with one idea or item, the appeal of another idea, item, or thought weakens and dies down. One has to have balance in life, or else everything will fall apart, and nothing will be able to be done.

In conclusion, I learned several lessons from this passage, and all of them good. I learned that the thing that dislike in people is usually one of the qualities that I myself possess. I learned that two extremes need each other to be put into context; we can’t think of ourselves as tall unless we know what short is. I also learned to live simply and within my means but happily. Finally, learned tattoo need to have balance in your life; don’t let one hobby take over another, everything in moderation.