Thrilling Experience WIth Him

Rowena G. Deal Cruz Thrilling Experience My most thrilling experience in my current life is when Norman, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. These days, relationship and commitment like this is very rare. Rare because in some teenagers doesn’t last long. For some, it takes one day to get the girl and the next day broke their heart into pieces. We definitely make this special to us. In our anniversary day, lots of things happen.

Well, that day we have a class in C. W. T. S which is very depressing. But it was cancelled due to the heavy rain of southwest monsoon. Old people has a saying that rain is a blessing from the Almighty God. So definitely it isn’t an unlucky day for us. In our generations, lots of teenagers have their own way in expressing their love in their partner. One of it is wearing a couple shirts saying how much you love the person. Even dancing is popular right now in showing affections.

And in our special ay, he gave me a ring. The ring holds unbreakable promises and the proof of our love. Also, we watched a horror movie its Insidious 2. Actually, it’s our first time to watch a movie together in SMS Theater. We usually buy pirated CD or download in internet to save money. It is unforgettable because it scares the hell out of us even Norman is screaming and hiding in my bag. I can’t help myself but to laugh for seeing him like these, it is my first time to see him scary.

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After we watched a horror movie, we eat pizza and buy Red Ribbon cake to bring it to our home. Well, I can say that doing these things is common for other but what stand us out in the crowd is by doing these it makes us to create a new unforgettable moment and a stronger, unbreakable bond. We’re not dreaming but we’re looking forward to see and take care of each other in the near future. Surrounded by our loved ones, we face life together with such confidence and optimistic look. For my Norman, I love you, let’s grow old together.