Timeless Bonds

Shoo has only one friend who always listens to his problems; gives him advice and a bright smile. Her name is Name; they spend every time playing together, going outdoors, telling stories about their dream futures and of course listening to him play the piano. But Shoo has a burden that he has been carrying on his back for quite a long time. He has leukemia. So they had to be extra careful whenever going outside for Shoe’s condition was delicate. He burns out of energy fast and gets extremely high chances of excessive nosebleeds and fever. But despite all of these Name seemed to love Shoo Just the way e was.

She would take care of him whenever Say was out, stay with him when he’s sick in bed and everything. She was indeed a great friend. Probably the best for Shoo. Say, likewise has a friend she cherish, Shoji. He is a childhood friend, classmate and most likely Say’s first love. But as the days go by since the death of her parents she spends less and less time with Shoji and more time looking after Shoo. Before was home, school, Shoji, mall with Shoji, park with Shoji, then home but now it’s more like, home, school, sneak a quick look at Shoo in his school, follow him to wherever he’s ongoing and ran home before he could.

Something Just felt that now that their parents are gone she should take the responsibility of taking care of them both. She wanted to make sure that Shoo was in good hands everywhere he goes… “Say! ” Shoji shouted, waving his hands as he was running towards her as she was peeking in Shoe’s school. “What do you want Shoji? I’m kind of in a middle of something here. ” She replied, while forcing her head into the bushes… “Oh, spying on your brother again… He would love to know about this”, Joked Shoji as he pushed her head more into the shushes “Oh shut up and duck, he’ll see you!

And this is not spying, thisвЂ? this is looking after him, secretly’ she said, removing her head from the plants anemiaвЂ? so would you like to go to the mall with me? Vive got my eye on something there I thought you’d like to see it” “l really can’t now. Maybe some other time, ‘Kay? ” not really paying attention to what she was doing and how loud she was, so she turned around to continue on peeping at Shoe’s school but then black pants were blocking the way. She looked up to see who it was and to her surprise it was no other than, Shoo himself.

He cooked down on the two sitting on the floor hiding behind the bushes and said, “Hi Shoji” as if it was Just another part of his daily routine. “Hey Shoo” “Spying again? ” Shoo asked him. Shoji looked at Say, holding his laugh, and waited for She stood up and walked hurriedly away. The two boys looked at each other, slightly laughed then walked towards Say. Things continued like this for three more years. Shoo is already in high school. Captain of “the orchestra”, the school’s classical band and has grades with flying colors and Say is working as the nurse in, could you believe it, Shoe’s school.

She says that this as the best method to watch Shoo in and out of the house. Shoo and Name are classmates while Shoji teaches them, yes he is one of their teachers. At home, Shoo and Say were talking, Mimi should come to my office before and after going to class. Just to make sure you’re safe” “Okay’ he replied “And you should really finish your lunch. I saw you throw the paper plate with a bit of food left” “Okay’ “And you should go straight home as soon as class is finished. You’re spending too much time with Name” Shoo was somehow bothered with this certain remark that led him into saying, “then go out with Shoji”.

Say was shocked to hear this from her brother, “what does he know? Is it about Sushi’s asking to be my boyfriend? ” she thought. “That is out of the question. And you’ll be left alone if I do” she answered not knowing what else to say. But Shoe’s response was far from what she expected him to say. “Say, you’re not mom” “What are you saying? ” she said almost shaking “Don’t take it the wrong way! I’m only saying that you do not have to take full responsibility of me. Mom may not be here but you don’t have to end your life because theirs’ did. You’re my sister and I appreciate everything you’ve done for the SST three years.

But if you are doing this for me then please, become happy yourself, for me”. And as if enlightenment penetrated Say’s mind, she said nothing. She smiled and hugged Shoo, as if she was finally freed of something that’s holding her back for a long time. Chapter One: IS this FATE? (Six months later) In the park, Shoji and Say, now in a relationship, are seated outside their favorite coffee shop as always. But Say noticed something peculiar about Shoji. He was giddy and Jumpy and seemed so nervous. As a concerned girlfriend and an attentive nurse she hastily asked, “What’s your problem?

Shoji still all giddy and weird stood up and asked, “Say, WIвЂ?will you marry me? ” then almost fell because of too much shaking. Say couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face, stood up, hugged him and finally said YES. Time went by and two months already passed. Say was busy planning everything; from the invitation to the wedding cake and bouquets. They already had the guests was set. Well except for her wedding dress. On the other hand, Shoji unlike his bride- to-be, had crazy friends who kept on asking him to have a bachelor’s party as a sign of “goodbye” to his freedom.

Say was okay with the idea because she knew that he had such friends before he met her and didn’t want Shoji to think she was being a kill Joy. But Shoji felt something that is pulling him away from it, an inkling of some sort. But with Say’s yes and his friends annoying persistence he finally gave. So the night of Sushi’s bachelor’s party, he went to Say’s house before going to the meeting place his friends set up. It was around ten when he received a call asking him to go. At the door of Say’s house, “Sure about this? Shoji asked as he was about to leave “Of course. It’s for your friends” Okay, I’ll be home at twelve. I promise. ” He kissed her goodbye and walked out. And as Shoji reached for the gate somehow Say, out of nowhere said to herself, “l trust you Shoji” Now, Shoo and Name were out on a school retreat. They were supposed to be in their cabins at this late hour. Shoo in the boys’ and Name in the girls’ but these two high spirited teens Just couldn’t stay behaved for too long. For they have been held back from each other the whole trip.

There were seating arrangements in the bus and cell phones weren’t allowed in, all because their loner teacher doesn’t get any text assuages so she forbids everyone to get messages; during the activities there were prearranged groupings by the teachers and so they were again separated; at lunch, they were supposed to sit with their teammates and of course tonight, there were different cabins for girls and for boys. Shoo let’s meet out at the circle where we played the relay game this morning. ” – Name 08:pm But then a teacher came in the girls’ cabin and saw Name with a cell phone so she took it and made Name go to bed. Ma’am, let me Just send one more message” “No. No more messages. Good night miss Yuk” Sure at what time? -Shoo 08:pm Name… At what time? -Shoo 09:pm I think you lost connection. Okay I’ll Just meet you there -Shoo 09:23 Shoo went on to the circle even without Name’s reply. He got there at around ten o’ clock. He waited and waited but Name didn’t come. There were no texts or call. Just moments later he heard something rumbling behind the wall, “Name, is that you? ” he came closer and saw four guys smoking and drinking. Which is basically not allowed in their school or in any other school.

His eyes widen and his heart “But we can’t Just let you go like that, can we? ” So the boys took his phone and beat him up. And because of his illness he was Just too weak to handle them. They were Just too many for him. Before leaving they threw back his phone but he Just couldn’t move his hands nor anything else. Early this morning Shoji woke up, lying on the bed. He found his self naked with a terrible headache. He stretched his hands and reached for the blanket to cover up. To his surprise he touched a body. There was a girl lying next to him. He hurriedly ran to the bathroom to dress and go out. “Who was that?

DidвЂ?did I sleep with her? NO. I haven’t done that, what will I tellвЂ?” then his phone rangвЂ? It’s Say… I’ll answer the phone like nothings wrong. “Shoji? How was your night? Did you have fun? ” anemia” Shoji felt awkward as he replied manfully be late you know, it’s not good for a teacher to be late then lecture the late” anemia, I’ll be right to school” “Hey don’t forget about the fitting of the wedding dress later, Kay? ” muff. I’ll be there” “Okay then, bye” “Bye” Shoji went to school and acted like nothing happened and decided not to tell Say anything for it would bring no good for the both of them.

At lunch both Shoji and Say went out to go to their scheduled fitting. Say went in first, “l am confiscating his for a while so when I come out you would be staring at me and not your phone” “Okay, I’ll be all eyes when you come out” Back with Shoo, a teacher passed by the circle to check the place before letting the students have another relay, saw poor Shoo lying on the ground so he called for help and brought him to the clinic. He phoned the first number in Shoe’s speed dial; Say. The phone rang but Say picked the wrong one, she opened the curtain and saw Shoji, but when she looked at the phone her smile faded away.

It was Shoji lying naked and a woman’s arm beside him. Sushi’s eyes widen in shock that he didn’t twice it before. He was looking at his bride to be with an expression that cannot be explained. It was filled with anger, worry, and shame. The phone kept ringing and so now she answered it. “Excuse me ma’am, your brother had been badly injured. I think he had been beaten up by the boys who were caught drinking and smoking last night by the other teachers. Please stand by for more updates on Shoo, he’s in the retreat house’s clinic for now but we’ll move him to a higher class hospital” “HaвЂ? my brother has leukemia will it affect anything? “l am not yet sure ma’am I’ll have to tend at the clinic for now I’ll give you updates” “But how did got beaten up? ” “l guess he was wondering out at night waiting for a Name that was according to his phone’s last message” The man hanged up and Say closed the phone on the other line. “What happened to Shoo? ” asked Shoji trying to make a conversation and fugue how Say is feeling… “He got beaten up. I’ll go to the retreat house” “I’ll come with you” alone. Say cried her heart out in the taxi. Feeling that everything she cares for is lost. First her parents, then her fianceГ©, and now her brother.

Shoji and Say broke up. Shoo ended up comatose. Say forbid Name to see Shoo. Shoji went on being a teacher and Just looking at Say from afar. He continued to live on like this, putting on a fake smile to hide his shame from the world specially Say. Name transferred schools for she was ashamed to show Say her face. Shoo is asleep in the head hospital Say works for. And Say is still a nurse in Shoe’s school, avoiding Shoji as much as she could and take care of Shoo with all her might. Their bonds were simply broken. Chapter Two: Amnesia of One Three years later, Shoo woke up from being comatose.

Their house was always quiet and you can only hear Shoo playing the piano. But one rainy day Name showed up. She went to Say’s office, Just outside Shoe’s room, to ask permission to see Shoo. Say was outraged at the sight of her, “How dare you come here? You are the one who caused this onto my brother” “Can’t I Just see him for awhile? It’s been three years” Say sighed and said, muff would Just get hurt of what he may say’ “Just for a little while, please… ” Desperation was clearly seen in Name’s eyes. Say knew that she was not Just Shoe’s only friend. Shoo also, was her only friend. And so, “Sure. Just for awhile.

And I did warn you about what he’ll say’ “I will take anything, I know I deserve it. So she went inside and saw Shoo looking outside the window as he was sitting on the pianos chair. “Her’ she said, and then Shoo slowly looked at her and asked, miss, who are you? ” “Don’t you know who I am? ” “Sorry. I have no idea. ” you’ and then ran away out of the hospital. She didn’t know where she was going but she Just kept on running. I didn’t mean it! I didn’t know it would end up that way. I didn’t know that it get so serious that he would be comatose, paralyzed and forget… I didn’t mean it Say; I didn’t mean it Shoo… I didn’t mean it…

Say went out of the office as soon as she heard Name running away. I am sorry for you too Name. But you hurt my brother and I couldn’t Just forgive that that easily… And I know that so can he… ” Chapter Three: Rational Let’s back track to three years ago. The year before Shoo woke up; Say spent almost every day, after her work, in the hospital. She would always check on Shoo if he would show any signs of consciousness. One good friend from college, now a colleague, takes care of her while she takes care of Shoo. His name is Nook, a nurse in the same hospital as Say. He is a very patient man and he would do anything for a friend.

He knows about Say’s background and felt pity on her. He promised his self that he would help her as soon as she asks for it. He always try to make her smile, though he’d fail hundreds of times before he could get one smile out of her, he never news to them, “l am so sorry Shoo but you will not be able to move, from your hands down… There were Just too many fractures in your hands, arms, thigh and legs. The boys probably held you from limb to limb when they beat you” “But how will I be able to play the piano? ” his eyes shone as he speak Mimi can’t. Not unless you work really hard to get your strength back” he said with a smile. Do it for your sister Shoo. She is counting on you’ Nook kept on saying this at the back of his mind. After being told this, Shoo was really into playing the piano more than ever. He asked Say to bring the organ at home for him to practice playing even inside the hospital. He tries everyday to lift his arms and move his fingers though it hurts him bad. And the one who sees this most was Nook. So he would tell Say everything that is happening to Shoo when she’s still at school and then helps her do her work when she’s with Shoo. Shoji came in the hospital one time and saw Say and Nook having fun together.

They looked so happy and they were getting together so well. He felt that he had no right to get in the way of her being happy so he went home. And another time he came to visit he saw the same picture. This time he tried to talk to her but he didn’t have the courage to, so he Just pretended that he saw nothing and went home. And so the at the time he visited and saw them again together, he did not go home. He was filled with hatred. This time he went to Shoe’s room. He saw Shoo playing the piano, better this time, but still not as good as he was before the accident. Shoji went to him and they talked.

Say did not tell Shoo about what happened to her and Shoji so he thought that they were still together, welcoming him warmly into his room. “Hey, Shoo how are you? ” “Getting better. But as you can see, I’m still half paralyzed. Can’t even play the organ let alone the piano’ “It’s going to be okay. Say, have you ever mentioned anything to your sister about anything when you woke up? Like some things of the past or anything? ” “Except for the piano, nothing I guess” Shoji smiled in a sinister way and exhaled as if he was relieved then continued, muff want to play again right? ” miss, more than anything” Shoo replied Then erase her… Said Shoji with fire in his eyes “What? What do you mean? ” “Name. She was the one who brought you there. She’s at fault. Forget her. ” “What? ” then Shoji left Shoo hanging, without saying another word. Shoo took his words and accepted it. He chose to forget Name and lived the way his sister wanted. Still… Wondering why his sister fianceГ© gave him that suggestion “Erase her… ” Their Story Couldn’t imagine a happier couple than them. They were about to enter the best part of their lives. He knows everything about her. And She knows what makes him, him. Both know each others’ past.

Relationships, family background and such. But a picture could say a thousand words for their present and affect maybe even their future as man and wife. “It was Just too cruel! Just when I thought that everything was so perfect and let him go to that stupid bachelor’s party, he goes off fooling around with other girls! ” But seeing her with another person hurts more, “l can’t believe after seeing Just one picture she would break us off and go for another. Come on, Say why do this? If I can’t be happy around you then no one should be… I know what to do… I’ll get even with her through her brother… Elucidation; Finally the truth Clarification of things is what’s needed in their bonds. Elucidation is the best way to solve their problems. Let us now go back to the present, three years after Shoe’s recovery. “Say, he’s absolutely fine now. You can take him home” said Nook, Say couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face and ran towards Shoe’s room finding that he was already packing for home. She gave him a big hug and to her surprised he hugged back. He was surely cured. At home they were talking for the first time normally again, and they somehow landed on taking about Shoji. “Eh?! You aren’t dating anymore? anemia.

It’s been like three years” “Why didn’t you tell me? ” Mimi didn’t need to know’ miss I did. He came. The year I regain consciousness” “He came? What did you talked about? Did he hurt you? ” “No, we only talked about Name. Erase her… He said… Do you know what it means? ” “No. I thought you really did forget her… Like selected amnesia, choosing only the bad memories and erasing it” “No, I didn’t have that. Shoji suggested it to me. I thought that was what you wanted too, being his fianceГ© and such… ” “Oh goodness no! But, you know what you should do? You should follow what is in your heart. “Eh? ” muff miss her… s much as you missed playing the piano. I know… Because I can see it. You know when she came to see you last time that is the same expression I see in your eyes now. ” Shoo had elucidation running in his blood by this time. He regretted everything that he said and thought about Name. But he was still in too much enlightenment that he was confused of what he should do, “But… What would I do? I drove her away the last time she came. I don’t think she would like to see me after what I did” “l think. We both know what you should do. Reach out for her and then don’t let go’ then she milled at him and embraced him once again.

At school, Shoo finally came back and Say worked freely again. It was as if everything went back to normal. After class, Say was in the clinic with a patient and Shoo was helping her out. All of a sudden Shoji came in with a boy with a bleeding nose. He was so surprised to see Say there at that time because it was Just the time when she was supposed to visit Shoo at the hospital, he felt awkward with her being there and him asking her to take care of the boy so he went out immediately. Shoo saw how Say was looking at Shoji and heard her whisper, “Use my brother for your benefits huh.

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