Tobacco problem-solution essay

Unless people stay locked in their smoker homes forever r, it’s impossible to avoid the deadly chemicals that cigarettes emit in the air. Since teen smoke Eng is major increasing, the age requirement should be raised to 21 not only in America, b UT in every country. Or lawmakers should increase the prices for cigarettes and other tobacco pro ducts to make it less obtainable for people on a budget, which is almost everyone nowadays. Also, the government could ban public smoking everywhere to protect people’s health and rights.

AY iteratively, teachers can constructively educate students about the dangers of tobacco s mooing and parents can be good role models for their children. Even though all of the solutions AR e effective, the best solution would be to ban all and any kind of advertisements promoting tobacco co smoking. Tobacco smoking only has negative effect. Tobacco kills, increases poverty, dad mages the environment and many more. Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world. It is Trans 2 estimated to kill 6 million people every year, that’s a person dying every 1 to 6 seconds right now(Shah).

It is something that the world can prevent that would signifies antsy bring down the death rate caused by tobacco. The smoking trend is quickly rising and if it entities, there will be over 8 million deaths a year by 2030 (Shah). A current smoker will lose up to 20 years of their life expectancy compared to a nonsmoker (Shah). Tobacco companies AR e paying billions of dollars on advertisements solely targeting the youth to buy their products ( Shah). Because young people are so used to being exposed around such conditions, there is a huge chance that they will become smokers(Shah).

Second hand smoke is also a very big issue, I t causes 600,000 premature deaths every year. With the 4,000 chemicals present in tobacco SMS going, at least 250 re proven to be harmful and eventually lethal (Shah). There are also 50 know n chemicals that causes cancer. House fires and smoking are closely related after killing an eve rage of 300,000 in 2000 causing $27 billion in damage costs (Shah). It’s absolutely mind blowing how such a simple thing can cause such a huge imprint on the world. There is no purpose to tobacco products except for pleasure, other than that it’s useless.

Tobacco has definite Ely become a major problem that needs to be fixed if there are plans on a better future, for an ex. sting future generation. A good solution would require all States in the U. S. To raise the age require NT for purchasing tobacco products. This strategy is mainly to reduce tobacco smoke Eng in young people. All states require the age of 18 to be able to purchase cigarettes, but Alaska, Alabama, Utah and New Jersey which requires the age of 1 9 to be able to purchase CIA rates (Schmidt). Neither of those ages are high enough because people’s brains don’t fully dove elope until they are Trans 3 21 .

Nearly all smokers start as kids or young adults, and again, these age group AS are heavily targeted by the tobacco companies. Increasing the purchasing age to 21 will h elf to prevent nouns people from ever starting to smoke and to reduce the deaths, disease and health care costs caused by tobacco smoking. It will also give young people time to mature and make better decisions when they reach 21 . “If a man has never smoked by age 18, the odd s are threesome he never will. By age 21, the odds are attention,” says RIG Reynolds, Septet beer 10, 1982 (Schmidt).

Increasing the purchasing age will be complementary to other solutes ions to reduce tobacco use, including higher tobacco prices, stricter smoker laws that app lay to all public places, and wielded education and public awareness programs. As a count ray we are definitely making progress in raising the purchasing age for tobacco products, but there’s obviously way more room to improve. On the other hand, by raising the age requirements, young people will feel m ore of a need to smoke earlier, to be “bedaubs” and “rebellious”, and overuse tobacco proud acts, as they do now with alcohol.

Reaching the age of 18 means adulthood and an adult can choose e for themselves whether they want to do such a thing. Taking away this ability will only make people want to do it more at a young age. By raising the age to 21, its like taking restricting basic redeems from young adults. If the definition of adult should be changed to 21 then the define action Of should change for joining the army as well. Critics are saying that if people are allow d to buy guns at 18 and raising the age requirements to 21 should not something to worry ABA UT.

Making restrictions for an 18 year old adult would be like treating them like babies an d assuming they cannot make their own decisions. If people can vote, buy a gun, enlist in the military, and be Trans 4 tried as an adult, it would only make sense for them to be allowed to decide f or themselves if they want a cigarette. O raising the purchasing age would force the States to raise other age requirements to 21 , they may even have to raise the full adult age to 21 instead d of 18. Doing this may also result in other problem unrelated to smoking tobacco. A better solution would be lawmakers increasing the prices of tobacco.

By DOI Eng this, it makes tobacco much less obtainable to adults and mainly teens that are work Ins a-annum wage. Over 100 studies, including a growing number from lonesome and middlemen mom countries, clearly demonstrates that increasing tobacco prices is a powerful tool for red icing tobacco use (Batcher). There’s already research to prove that increasing prices leading to decreased cigarette consumption . A recent Congressional Budget Office study concluded that a 10 percent inch ease in cigarette prices leads to a 5 to 15 percent decrease in teen smoking rates, a ND a 3 to 7 percent decrease among all adults (Smoking & Tobacco use).

That’s already a huge Im proponent and definitely a significant decrease in people smoking. According to the estimate s WHO made, if all countries increased tobacco taxes by 50% per pack it would result in 49 million n fewer smokers and 1 1 million lives saved (Batcher). Governments around the world would e ran an extra $101 billion that they could use towards health and social programs (Batcher). Rag aments against increasing tobacco prices who State that higher taxes will have harmful economy mice effects are falsely assumed.

Increasing prices of tobacco would be an effective strategy t o increase public health in America, but the only true price of tobacco is paid by people’s lives. However, the big problem with raising tobacco prices is that people who are f AR in too deep will still be tempted to buy cigarettes. Addiction is not something to joke about, depending Trans 5 n the person’s financial situation, it could gradually eat away their life saving s and everything else they might have saved up. This would eventually cause the statistics of h omelets people in America to skyrocket.

Getting addicted to tobacco is like getting addicted to a NY other hard drugs out there. There is no way to predict if people would respond accordingly to t he price increases because determination cannot be measured. There could also be a potential problem resulting in smuggling or stealing tobacco. Again, addiction can completely take over some one’s mental state of mind and cause them to resort to their last solution. Smuggling tobacco co from another country would probably be cheaper than the raised prices.

America already h as a major problem with drug cartels and smuggling drugs across the border, Tobacco eventually could be added to that list. If raising the price of tobacco solves the problem of cigarette consume option, it could shut down multiple monster tobacco companies adding significant numbers to the already sky gig unemployment rate in America. Following unemployment would be the incur ease of homeless people in America. The government completely banning public smoking from anywhere is a step up from raising tobacco prices. Secondhand smoking is as bad at actually smoking a chi Garrett.

People who don’t choose to smoke are almost being forced into smoking because of breathing in secondhand smoke in public. It’s especially inconvenient for people with chromo nice asthma and bronchitis conditions (Teen Ink). The government needs to rethink what the d benefiting of freedom means again, because people being forced to breathe in secondhand d smoke out of their own will is not it. There is not one human being on this earth that can truly as y they have never encountered tobacco smoke since tobacco smoking is still very popular in this generation. It’s Trans 6 impossible to completely avoid tobacco smoke.

Banning it completely would e encourage smokers to smoke less or give up. If smoking was banned in public places, it would no I anger be a social activity. If smoking was a less social activity, fewer people would start smoking . In many countries, governments pay all or some of the cost of treating congratulated diseases (Teen Ink). This means that governments should have a right to discourage smoking . Bars and clubs that allow smoking should be banned or shut down because, yes, its important t to generate jobs, but people’s health should always come first. Law Enforcers are not being strip CT enough about smoker zones like around schools.

Secondhand smoking can cause much more damages to young children than to adults and can shorten their lifespan by ten years (Such midi). Enforcing more constructive and organ zed laws about the prohibitions of tobacco SMS king will cause smokers to realize how serious this problem is getting each day and encourage sees them to quit. Consequently, if public smoking is banned, people would be breaking the law almost every hour. People know that there are not enough law enforcers to be baby’s tinting all of them 24/7. The crime rate in America would only increase at this point and eventual lay people will grow tired of this ban.

If the consequences are not big enough to cause an IM pact on people who were caught smoking in public places, people would not obey the law. Almost everyone In America smokes tobacco and the government would not have enough space f or that amount of people. Half of America’s law enforcers are tobacco smokers and are most like Ely going to smoke publicly because they assume they have more power over people under the away. Law enforcers who are smokers will be more lenient on people who are caught smoking in p bloc; this could be another potential problem because people would discontinue to oblige.

The b an of tobacco in Trans 7 public places would fail miserably. If people would not be allowed to smoke in public, they would have to resort to smoking inside their homes. Secondhand smoke is eve ray dangerous to kids, to anyone and being trapped in a closed area with the presence of it cool d cause cancer and other deadly diseases. Another neglected problem would be house fires. SMS king is the leading cause to fires and about 7,600 fires related to smoking in homes each year (U SEA). The death ate every thousand fires is more than seven times greater than in fires not re elated to smoking. 7% of congratulated fires happens when embers from cigarettes are not p UT out properly (USAF) . Tobacco might as well become an illegal drug because smoking touts De is the healthiest way. Instead of eliminating public smoking, teachers can give public education and more awareness about tobacco smoking. Schools are in a powerful position to play a major role in reducing the serious problems Of smoking and other tobacco use by kids. Who lee firmly warning students about the dangers of tobacco smoking, schools should prohibit teach errs and visitors from smoking completely to send a much more constructive tobacconist mess sage.

Schools are also usually the place where students are influenced by other students to ma eke bad decisions, so educating them about the dangers of tobacco is a must. Usually teachers will only dabble a little bit about the dangers of tobacco, but it’s not stressed enough in schools. In 2 01 2, five percent of eighth grade students reported having had their first cigarette by the end off fifth grade (ages 10 to 1 1) (Schmidt). If these trends continue, 5. 6 million students under the age of 1 who are alive today will ultimately die from smoking tobacco diseases (Schmidt).

Schools SSH old fund for programs that help prevent teen smoking and also allow survivors from tobacco co smoking to help Trans 8 educate the students. Showing real life examples and situations of the horrible e effects tobacco can to people will result in students full attention. This will only decrease the number of smokers in the future. On the negative side, teachers who are already long time smokers will be force De to quo it and that would not be easy. It may result in teachers resigning because they would choose bacon over their job. Teachers who refuse to quit smoking will defeat the w hole purpose of being a role model to their students.

There is no way to keep surveillance on every teacher to insure they are not smoking tobacco behind the school’s back. If only schools planned ahead when hiring teachers, this whole situation would be a lot easier to handle. Mo SST schools have budgets and funding for programs and survivors could put them at a dangers us stretch. Teaching students about the dangers Of tobacco every now and then would suffice, but stressing it way more than it should be is unnecessary. This may jeopardize the time students could have learning other more relevant subjects in school.

The education and awareness of Toby co smoking should not be neglected, but should not be the center the school revolves around. The only other people better looked up to than teachers are be parents. Pare nuts should set a good example, be a good role model for their children. A way to end tobacco o smoking is to target the problem at the starting point. Children kick up to parents no matte r what the situation is, people say children almost always grow up acting exactly like their parents. What parents say, how they act, and the values they communicate through their words and Dee DSL has an enormous influence on children.

Whatever the situation is, parents should not smoke sees facially not with their children present. Younger children will mirror anything their parents do because they think Trans 9 that if their parents are doing it, it’s acceptable for them to do it. By having a s nonsmoker environment, young children and teens won’t be influenced to smoke. The m ore involved the parents are in their children’s lives, they will less likely do anything out of prop oration. Another hint parents can do is to have ongoing conversations throughout their high s school years about how tobacco kills and is very dangerous.

Educate them on the death factors s o they know not to go ant. Where near tobacco products. Also educate them about the ads on tell vision and how its all just a big lie. If parents do everything they can to avoid tobacco use of any kind, the future generation will be smoker and the deaths from tobacco smoking will signifies scantly decrease by hundreds. With busy families, it will be very time consuming for parents to attempt to pr event their children from being a smoker. They will have to commit to be being a full time parent and that might mean quitting their job and any other activities they do throughout thee r daily schedule.

Parents would have to be involved in everything their child does no matter who at their child’s business may be. If parents were to work half the day, there is no way to keep track of their kids. So it results in parents having to be fully involved in the child’s life 24/7. Deep ending on the families financial situation, it could seriously jeopardize their living situation. If the parents are already smokers it could be very difficult to quit, a lot of time and hard work old be key. Its also takes a lot of time and perseverance to continue to be a good role model because everyone is only human and no one is perfect.

There will most likely be a slip every no w and then. Because parents can’t always be there 24/7, Television, media sites, and radio stations should ban all cigarette and tobacco smoking advertisements. These advertise moments are made by Trans 10 highly professional people who know how to make almost anything look glam ours when in reality it’s the complete opposite. Because of how intriguing they make smoke Eng cigarettes look n national television, it makes smokers and nonsmokers want to go to the SST ore and buy a pack.

If this makes adults crave smoking, the urge is much stronger for younger Poe plea. Tobacco advertisements are secretly targeting younger people because older people w ill eventually die and result in decrease of sales. The last thing that should happen is for a 10 y ear old or even younger aged person to think that smoking tobacco is acceptable for their gag e. Tobacco companies are also trying to be sly about advertising through famous people and popular hipsters on media sites with countless number of followers. Paying them big bucks to SSE for the cameras with a cigarette in their mouths.

This kind of advertising should also be specified in the laws because it’s been thought out so well, that almost everyone is biting the bait. It’s causing people to be completely blindsided by the fact that the people posing in those pictures probably don’t even smoke. Advertisements are probably the biggest problem for the f true generation. They use very smart tactics to lure people into buying their tobacco products, if they were banned entirely, tobacco smokers will most likely be cut in half. The only thing that can negative about banning ads for cigarette and tobacco rodents is that advertising agencies will lose major dough.