Too Young To Be This Stressed

Young adults from ages 17-27 are always too stressed out for their own good and are unable to get things done. Stressing out can cause anxiety and can make you fall into depression so you are being unaware of the amount of work you are assigned to do. A: Being in college most teens are dealing with work, school, and sometimes some teens have kids they are having to take care of as well. With all this on their plate it can cause stress ND slows them down on getting their work done.

Having school is good, but do we really need all the classes we are being forced to take? Why is the school making us take classes that are irrelevant to our major? 8: How are people dealing with stress? Some people deal with stress differently. Stress can cause you to have anxiety, but other can deal with stress with getting their work done and finishing what needs to be done. But other can go through depression and just completely give up on their goals. 1 . When leaning with depression some college students think that taking their life is the only way out, but there is plenty of help.

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Someone with the same problem can be going through the same thing as they are. 2. When dealing with anxiety teens can also turn over to smoking marijuana and thinking that will be the way to solve the problem. When smoking a lot is the only way that will allow them to forget their problem. II: Being on your own at college can be tough and that can also cause some stress because you were always so pendent on your parents and now that you’re living on your own having to deal with rent, and paying bills can freak you out and allow you to stress.

A. Many people deal with this every day and sometimes that why teens never grow up and just stay at home to be a bum and live with their parents for the rest of their life. B. Teens sometimes stay close to their parents to get help and not be on their own just yet. Ill: You can also get stress just by thinking about your life and how you plan on living it within the next couple of years. A. Thinking about what will you do after you finish college and where will you be sitting at in the next 10 years.

B. You could have high hopes and dreams, but sometimes you sit and think and know that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to achieve those goals because you don’t have money, you can’t focus on school, school is just too hard, or you just can’t do it. IV: When being in a relationship and leaving your boyfriend or girlfriend to go college can also cause some stress.