Top 10 reasons why the Americans won the revolution

Top 10 reasons why the Americans won the revolution BY skeletally Nationalism The colonists were proud of their country, and were tired of the British telling them what to do. The colonists were very proud of America and wanted to defend it. #2 Victory of the Battle at Saratoga The Battle of Saratoga started on September 19th, 1777, and lasted through October. This battle was considered the turning point of the revolution. Up until now, the British still seemed to be dominant in the war. #3 Help from the French American colonists got the Fresh’s support during the war.

The French provided military support, supplies, etc. Which helped the colonists immensely. George Washington George Washington was a very important leader in the American Revolution. He served as Commander in Chief of the colonial forces. #5 American military strategy/ guerilla warfare America adapted an effective military strategy where small groups of combatants use military tactics, such as ambushes, along with the element of surprise. Battle of Yorktown The Battle of Yorktown was what ended the Revolution. Home field advantage/ knowledge of geography American colonists had a home field advantage over Britain.

The British had to travel thousands of miles Just to fight the battles. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was another important figure in the revolutionary war. He had many different ideas and was very good at getting his message out. British were exhausted After fighting so many wars, the British were tired of fighting at this point. They also lacked supplies, money, and the strength to fight back. Largeness of North America Since America was very large, even Britain’s huge military force could not cover all of it.

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