Topic Proposal

The use of this study is for us to educate young adults. The reasons on why most of teens today get in this kind of issue. Giving them ideas on what will happen to them if they become pregnant during their teen stage. Also, opening the minds of the parents on how they will discipline their sons/ daughters. In addition, this study will show how to prevent teenage pregnancy. The effects Of having a baby in early age will also be tackled here. This will also help to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Our study gives some perceptions on what their future will be when they start to become a teen mom or dad. Lastly, the focal point of this study is to alarm our local government about the continuous number of growth of teenage pregnancy and for them to find ways in solving it. Who will benefit from the research? Teens or Youth will be the one who will benefit from this research. Aside from they will be informed about the said issue; they can think first about their future. They II realize the importance of finishing first their studies before entering to such things like teenage pregnancy.

Parents can also benefit from his study. Letting them know the reasons why their children came to this point of having a baby in early age. And they will be knowledgeable about the proper ways on how to communicate with their children. Also, they will also know how to guide them when his/her children became a teen mom or dad. Stats, teachers can use this to educate their students in school. They can make lessons out of this research paper. To sum it all up, this can be essential for those people who will read and understand the research paper we will make.