Trade Union Case Study

Aria David, a happy mother of two kids, has been a long time employee in Antitrust Bank Artists. At first her performance was well rated, all of her officemates and bosses have no problem with her since she has this talent of coping up with almost every kind of people she can encounter. But as time goes, her tardiness record is getting high. Also the jobs included in her job description is not all accomplished by her because of her late arrival in the office which in result leaving the others, especially her supervisor, doing her bob in order for it to meet the deadline.

In her long stay in the company she’s been under many supervisors, and all of them can’t stand a chance to work with her, resulting all of them transferred in another department. Gina Scintilla gave Andre Fernando, her present supervisor, advice to handle this situation and that is to have “maximum tolerance”. Tardiness and lack of work completion are not the only things her supervisors can’t stand with her. It is also her good ability in spreading rumors about her supervisors. They can’t ranches her to another department or give her another job because of her lack of skills.

Management did not rate her for quite some time now because for them, it was useless to appraise her performance. They can’t fire her because she is a member of the union. Viewpoint: Mr.. Andre Fernando Aria Davit’s Supervisor (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment unit) Areas of Consideration Strength: Highly educated Officers Understanding supervisors Hardworking employees Manageable company size Industrialized work place Weaknesses unproductively of Aria David Alien culture imposed on employees

Criminal charges against officers Resistance of Aria to adopt change Existence of labor union in the company Poutiness’s Growing economy Technological advancements Growing numbers Of Offs People’s engagement to business Decreasing rate of poverty in the Philippines The reads Increase in labor cost Tax changes Price changes Inappropriate service stated in advertisements Competitive industry Statement of the problem Inappropriate workplace behavior of Aria David Statement of Objectives Determining the proper action on the inappropriate workplace behavior of

Aria David in a maximum time span of 8 months and 1 day Alternative Courses of Action #1: Confront Aria and give her advice Advantages: May boost Aria’s morale Will give her a sense of importance Will improve Aria’s productivity Disadvantages: Aria might take the advices and respond negatively Improvement won’t happen There’s a chance that Aria would resist to change #2: “Maximum tolerance” Aria won’t have any complains since Andre would let her do what she wants Aria will stop creating rumors about her present supervisor Arguments between Aria and her supervisor will not arise

Disadvantages No improvement on Aria’s side Unfair work distribution Complains from other employees might arise #3: Issue memo for suspension Aria’s constant tardiness might discontinue Realizations might kick Aria to work properly Will serve as a warning to other employees Job designated for Aria will be left to other employees Overtime for other employees might be necessary Union might negatively react to the suspension Serve Aria a memo (ART E) and terminate if necessary Will serve as a reminder for Aria Aria might refrain from doing her malpractices

Will give Aria a chance to properly explain her side May result to a negative response Might create conflict among employer and union Memo can be disregarded #5: Send Aria to Trainings and seminars Advance takes Aria’s productivity rate might increase Present skills can get developed Will serve as a work motivation Aria might ignore the importance of training Work assigned on the day obtaining will not be accomplished Learning will depend on Aria’s willingness Final Decision: AC Serve Aria a memo (RET) and terminate if necessary

Aria’s tardiness on the past years has been habitual and this has been a burden for every supervisors she was under. The rightful thing to do is to give her notice, kick her out of the company if she won’t do things according to the company’s policies.