travel experience

The First Journey into heart of Nature When was perusing my under graduate degree, my relatives and elders would say that I have lot more life ahead with great and exciting experiences. But being so young I have an adventurous experience. Even my parents do not know that I have grown up so fast that I dared to visit a wild and adventurous place for hiking. My parents never restricted me for my wishes but they would definitely say no to visit such a place. Traveling may not be a great adventurous deal for most of the people around me.

But being so young to attempt the trip was adventurous and quite exciting for me at that mime. Before that trip, I used to be a calm and homely person. My Homely nature would be one of the reason for my parents to restrict me not to visit such place if I have asked them permission. Did have friends to hangout for movies, restaurants and sometimes hookah spots, pubs and bars. I used to be so very satisfied spending time with friends at home for even months. Always loved to stay in doors and have fun with friends and relatives. But all of a sudden, my priorities have changed after the trip.

I used to love watching WE, National Geographic or cricket on TV and never thought there would e so much difference in enjoying nature directly instead of television. I felt that have ignored nature’s beauty and its purpose. The situation changed to other side when my best friend Abashing who love to travel round all time attacked me in the restroom carrying out his several crazy trip plans. Cannot even describe how he convinced me to join in the plan, all can say is that we started to our trip in next couple of days. This was the very first time being in nature, between mountains and trees. Coked all round novice in all possible directions to make myself believe that I am out of home. Even though the weather was not comfortable most time we hiked, I enjoyed the view which was foggy but visible enough. Felt like was a competitor of a famous show ‘Extreme Treks’ that I used to watch. Things almost seemed different as I am experiencing the reality of nature for the first time unlike watching television. Was actually able to distinguish the real beauty of nature. I felt like a new born child entering his world after the birth. Everything was new to me as this is the first ever nature trip in my life.

Time seemed to slow down for some moments. I did not think for future and past. I lived the moment and enjoyed the view. Before for me nature was trees, mountains and dirt. But now my perspective have changed and it was a quite new meaning. Stones are surrounded by the sand and they are raked in spiral designs around the stones. This was something that I have never seen before. Most of the people who came for a visit were sitting on the slant rocks and were relaxing. It was a unique and amazing feeling. It was Vicarage, Wild Forest Area where ‘Decca Trails’ Resort has arranged the trip and cottages.

In the very wild lace carrying food and water with a backpack on my back and a flashlight was little difficult. I even carried some of the weapons like knife and chili powder to protect myself from wild animals. Some of the journalists who came to cover an episode on wild life and nature for a channel program were carrying guns with them. They have been there several times and walked around the paths without guide. There weren’t many people as it was a cloudy day. Decided to forget all issues at home and back school. Liked the peace and quiet environment that gave me a chance to get a break my busy School life.

The first day we had a guide map with us. We found way to peak and started our hike. I was little scared but excited too. There were no wild creatures on our way as it was too early. It was not too steep and high but I ran out of energy. So, we had to stop and rest in huts that were arranged between the mountains. I found some food stalls nearby. I rushed to them and had an energy drink. Abashing, on the other hand was energetic enough as he is used to outside trips and long distance travels. Being very first trip to me, have managed to walk for miles. After an hour, we started again and anally by noon we reached the top of the hill mountain.

I was little disappointed even after reaching the destination, as it was still foggy on the top and I couldn’t see the view effectively. Being a photo freak, I have also missed to take some photos for memories. We spent an hour there and thought of returning back to cottages nearby hoping to have fun for the fire camp arranged by the resort guides that night. To my surprise, wind dispersed the clouds and was standing under sun with my shadow before me. Saw a great picture in front of me and I couldn’t believe that moments with my eyes. The edges, trees, Mountain View with sun above. This was the first ever realistic view in my life.

I have realized that I can’t live happily if I am not visiting such place at least once a month. Thinking of the great experience all day we have finally reached the cottage. That was a delicious dinner. Ambiance for the dinner set that night was all with wild animals around. The entrance Of the cottage was like a crocodile mouth and when we enter through it, we find tables and chairs that were in shape of elephants and horses. After sitting on elephants, I have spotted the plates arranged there to eve dinner were like spiders web. Every little thing was arranged as an animal in the dining place.

We spent some time with people there in the cottage and returned back to bed. I suddenly spotted a wild being that passed under my bed. Could see a large shadow on the other side of wall and I became scared. Despite being scared, dared to see what the animal is. To my surprise, it was a rat and the shadow appeared large because of the lights in the room. After the adventurous sleep in cottage for couple of hours, my alarm rang and I forced myself out of bed. I took my shower and had two lice’s of bread and jam as a breakfast. Pushed myself to get ready in 10 minutes. It was freezing and very early.

We started towards other side of mountains this day. Nature seemed new today compared with yesterday. Every day with nature is something new and exciting. Never got bored or irritated with the trip as Abashing and met a group of high school guys who came on a school trip over there. That was a local trip for them. They carried food in boxes, Lund game sets, cricket sets to spent some time playing out doors. We thought that the idea of hanging out with group would be more fun. Mountains were covered in blankets of coastal scents. It was like a beautiful scenery right in front of me or just a colorful painting but a blurry one.

Seeing this Scenery, I felt like seeing an introduction scene of a movie. There was surprisingly deer sightings and other geographical features surrounding us. Miles apart, hiding in the trees we could also see some bears walking. We avoided that way and took another path. While walking in other way, we reached an arch which was an entrance for the other side of the rock wall. For some time, we took a break and sat down on walls. We had coconut taxation where fresh water is available. We had some coconut water there and started to walk again. The top of mountains was not at all visible as the day is passing.

After the break, we started walking and reached the view of long awaiting destination. It was breath taking. I could see for many miles around us. Fog was thick but the sun is rising. There were herd of horses appeared out of nowhere. The horses were getting trained for some adventurous stunts in the nearby auditorium arranged for the tourists. It seemed interesting and we walked closer. We found all wild animals like tiger, ear and elephants. All of them were dressed in different costumes. They looked colorful. We waited an hour for the show to begin and enjoyed the performance.

The sight of glorious surroundings made early wake up worth it. I was very disappointed to end the hike and return home. The performances by the animals made me forget everything. But suddenly, due to the heavy fog in the city, we had to stay back in the cottage for one more night. Feeling bored inside the cottage after a nap, we found out that there were some activities in the resort that refreshes anyone physically and mentally. We went to the activity spot to just have a look of what is happening. After seeing the energy of people there, we were excited to join them.

The first activity was trampoline activity which had never tried before. It was like a bounce game that is perfect fun game in the sun. Abashing and I jumped on the bounce sheet at the same time. We both fell down with a great pain. For the second time, we put effort to jump in the air and my body seemed to fly in the air for that moment where I felt very relaxed. Next went with rope walking activity where in Abashing and I were anxious to participate. To make the game interesting, we made a bet on the game. Unfortunately it was too hard to balance the rope with foot and we both lost. There were bicycles available to ride on the way.

Cycling was interesting but wasn’t new. There was a race going on there with cycles. That was interesting to cheer up. Scene Seeing thief L -cry same’ bear and c cash dif Shooting, wall climbing and several other games made the c enjoying the last night. There was a bonfire arranged outside People gathered there were very friendly and they introduce They told us about their education, family, native place and as my turn, I have shared all the way experience for my vise had small games around the fire like musical chairs that reel musical chairs and got a gift from the organization team.

WE music where a dance floor is arranged. There was a rain dare no one preferred it as the weather was too cool. DC had cool dance made me forget my leg pains for an hour. After that fruits and juices for dinner. As a memory, everyone was give and a wrist band from the organizers. Everything seemed me, but I thought it would be great if I had my mom, dad an me to share my feelings. I was emotional. I missed my family’ Hough it would be a perfect spot for deep kind of bonding togetherness.

My parents were not with me to support me to encourage me on games, to build my confidence and nee down the rocks halfway through the journey. Thought I shoo ask for apologize for not informing my parents about the trio day, when we started to return, my legs began to hurt so baa hardly walk. The continuous walk, hiking, trekking and rope me restless. Dancing added more pain. However when I Rene feeling of being so high, my head touched the skies like how peak. One must definitely enjoy such kind of lively experience(