Tree Measurement

What is a forest?
A community of plants and animals in which trees are the dominant species.
Define the term bole.
The trunk of a tree.
What does T.S.I. mean?
Timber Stand Improvement.
What is the overstory?
That portion of the trees in a stand forming the upper crown cover.
What is pitch?
The resin occurring in the wood of certain conifers.
What is duff?
Forest litter and organic debris in various stages of decomposition on top of the mineral soil.  Typical of coniferous forests in cool climates.
What is humus?
The plant and animal residues on the soil which are undergoing decomposition.
What is spot seeding?
Planting specific numbers of seed in spots at regular intervals in the desired area.
What is broadcast seeding?
Scattering seed randomly.
What is direct seeding?
The sowing of seed on an area where trees are desired.
Of the trees named, which is not a pioneer species: aspen, grey birch and white oak?
White oak.
What do you do when you transplant?

1) Replant a nursery seeding in another part of the nursery for further development.


2) Move plant from one location to another.

What is a blaze on a tree?
A mark cut on a standing tree to call special attention to the tree.
Forest soils in the northeast are commonly basic or acidic?
Name 3 examples of naval stores.
Tar, pitch, turpentine, pine oil, and resin.
What does wind-firm mean?
Able to withstand heavy wind.
Name two vines that cause damage to trees.
Grape, Kudzu, Honeysuckle.
What is a wolf tree?
Abnormally large, low commercial value tree taking up more space than its value warrants.
What is considered the most disaterous enemy of the forest as noted in the handbook?
What is old growth?
Forests with trees over one hundred years old.