When she gives birth to the baby Edward need to transform her into a vampire, so she can survive. Bella have waited for that ever since she fell in love with Edward, so she’s very happy. The books about her life as a vampire and their baby Renames. Content The story takes place in the 20th century and the surrounding environment is the town Forks, the rainiest place in America. The surrounding is not described so well, I think it’s easier for me to imagine it because I know the environment from the movies. She’s more focused on describing feelings and persons.

I think it’s also cause she’s described the same environment 3 times before, so she maybe assumes that people know. I actually couldn’t find an example which is obvious for the environment. The main characters are Bella and Edward. Bella is a human and Edward is a vampire. They’ve fall in love and are now getting married. Bella is a very kind person, who moved to forks to live with her dad. At her new school she meets Edward, who isn’t like the other boys, he’s pure perfection. His skin is pale white, and ice cold, he’s impossible fast and strong.

After a while Bella discovers what he is, a vampire. Their love shouldn’t exist, it’s impossible, it’s against the nature. But somehow Bella and Edward were brought together. Edward was born 200 years ago, so there are major differences between them. Edward has learned every language, read almost all the books you can read, and his speaking language is very old fashioned. Belle’s best friend is named Jacob and he’s a werewolf. It’s a common fact that werewolf’s and vampires are enemies since decades ago, so Jacob is very mad at Bella because her relationship with Edward.

Jacob and Edward never liked each ND Jacobs relationship is not as good as it used to be, Just because Bella chooses Edward. But under the circumstances in the book, when Bella get’s really sick, he gives up his wolf family to be with Bella and the Vampires, Just because he loves her so much. The surrounding Characters are Belle’s father Charlie and Edwards family; Mother Same, Father Carlisle, Sisters Alice and Rosalie and brothers Jasper and Emmet. Then of course Edwards and Belle’s baby Renames.

Both Alice and Jasper have a special vampire power, Alice see’s the future and Jasper can sketch it down on paper. Both of these powers are very helpful to the family when they are in trouble. Edward can read everyone’s minds except Belle’s, and Bella can be with humans as a newborn vampire, which is a very rare talent, most of the vampires need decades to resist the human blood. Little Renames have an interesting gift, she can tell people what the thinks and show them memories, through her thoughts. This is very helpful to Bella and Edward when she’s a baby.

The characters are mostly describes by their feelings, you get to know a lot about the harassers thoughts and feelings, but their looks are also described. Language Well, it depends. But sometimes I could say is formal, the author have a very beautiful language, and most of the characters are very old (inside) so their language is also formal. Bella and the other ones speak mostly informal. Edward speaks old fashioned and Bella modern, Belle’s father too. They speak with a lot of slang who are specific for their state. The author makes a lot of descriptions, but not about the nature, mostly about their thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes it can be too much and you Just want to skip a few pages, but she does it good so something makes you don’t. The action parts are very lengthy so that can be irritable, because when you are waiting for something dramatic it seems that is never going to happen. Interpretation The language is very beautiful, and the author really knows the English language well, I enjoyed it even more Just because of the language. Everything made a big impression on me, the story is amazing and you are taken by a storm, she describes a unman to be so perfect that you really think he exists.

That’s also why Robert Patterson (Edward in the book) got so many stalkers and fans, he’s described to pure perfect that it drives girl’s (and maybe boys?! ) crazy. Think they would be really nice, Edward is the most caring, loving and helping person against Bella and she’s his number one priority, his character is a very nice person. I would ask Edward and the other ones how it’s like to be a vampire, and ask him how it feels to know you have the eternity in front of you. Vive always wondered that…